Petunjuk 10 Zorki

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  • NOTES:
    This text is identical to the one in the User manual, English version, 1965 year.
    Converted to HTML in 2004.
    Данный текст идентичен оригинальному Руководству по эксплуатации
    версии 1965 года, был переведен в текстовый формат и специально
    подготовлен для формата HTML в 2004 году.


    Photographic camera
    THE ZORKI-10
    AT THE 1965
    The wide-known family of "Zorki" cameras has been
    refilled with a new model -- "Zorki-10" camera. Unlike its
    earlier models, the "Zorki-10" camera is a fully automatic
    camera with automatic exposure settings. This considerably
    simplifies the shooting process. The fact that the range-
    finder is coupled with the viewfinder allows to make fast
    focusing. Between the lens diaphragm shutter with adder-
    mechanism automatically sets diaphragm and exposure
    time depending on the set film sensitivity and brightness of
    the object to be photographed. Before proceeding to take
    pictures, thoroughly study the operation of the camera and
    its handling instructions presented in this Manual.
    Remember, that the automatic setting lever should always
    be set against the index "A", except cases when
    photographing with exposure time "B". Set the self-timer
    lever only after the shutter is cocked. Always press the
    shutter release key until it goes.


    The "Zorki-10" camera has fully automatic exposure settings and is designed for
    using the 35-mm perforated film having 24x36 mm picture sizes. The camera is fitted
    with a high-precision "Industar-63" lens, which is built-in in the between the lens
    diaphragm shutter.
    Focal length of the lens -- 45 mm
    Relative aperture -- 1:2.8
    Angular field -- 50°
    The lens is focussed by moving the whole of the unit with the aid of a focusing ring.
    The camera is equipped with a rangefinder (base 38 mm and viewfinder magnification
    The optical viewfinder and the rangefinder are coupled in one window. The
    collimator viewfinder has fluorescent frames, limiting the field of view. To eliminate
    parallax while photographing at a distance of 1.5 m (5 ft.) there is an additional frame,
    shifted to the right and downwards. To signalize of insufficient illumination of the
    object to be photographed there is a red line in the viewfinder field of view on which
    the exposure meter pointer, seen in the field of view, stays.

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Brand Zorki
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