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Video ColorChecker Passport X-Rite
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petunjukX-Rite Video ColorChecker Passport
Thank you for purchasing X-Rite’s
Video ColorChecker Passport! Here
is a guide to help you get started.
Your Video ColorChecker Passport
is made up of 4 individual targets
inside one protective case and
designed with the video/lm
production work ow in mind.

Video ColorChecker Passport

Row One: Made up of a series
of chromatic colors, to allow for
colors to be easily isolated within
an editing software package.
These colors are formulated to
match the primary colors used
in video and lm production.
They can be used with the
vectorscope to adjust the color
of the production. For proper
color balance, use the hue and
saturation controls within the color
editing package to line up the
color with the proper location on
the vectorscope.
Row Two: This row is made up
by a series of skin-tones that
range from a light to a dark with
some undertone differences.
When properly Color balanced
these colors will line up with the
skin-tone or esh-tone axis on a
vectorscope. They will not evenly
line up on the line but will fall a
little to one side or the other. The
reason for this is because the
patches show warmer (redder
skin tone) and cooler (yellower
skin tone) representations.
The wave form monitor can be
used in conjunction with the
large gray scale chips to help set
exposure in pre-production. The
percentage levels should be as
White 90-100%
Black 0-10%
Gray 40-50%
The image below shows how the
colors are to be orientated on the
vectorscope. The colors should
fall on the proper hue line and
the saturation can be adjusted to
fall within the box. The skin-tone
or esh-tones are following along
the axis in-between the red and
yellow hue lines.
This target can be used to set
the exposure and also establish
the color balance before the
capture of a shoot. Made up of
white, black, and mid-gray, this
target allows you to evaluate the
Highlight, Midtone, and Shadow
regions of the clip. When used
with an RGB parade, this target
helps you determine the accuracy
of the gray balance.
Rows Three and Four: This is
an extended series of gray scale
chips that allow for the control of
the gray balance and tonal scale
within a clip or production. Each
gray is spectrally neutral and
can be used to make sure that
the video or shot is properly gray
balanced. The steps from black
to white allow for a very accurate
evaluation of the tonal scale that is
captured within the clip.
Row Three is designed to give
a gray scale ramp through the
middle section of the tonal scale.
These chips should range from
25% - 70% levels.
Row Four is made up of chips
to evaluate the shadows and
highlight regions in a clip. For
the highlight evaluation there is
a white and then two light grays
that are equally spaced below the
white. For the Shadow evaluation
there is a high gloss black and
two dark gray patches that are
equally spaced. |
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