AWM 1007 Whirlpool

Petunjuk AWM 1007 Whirlpool

    This appliance is exclusively destined to wash and
    spin machine washable laundry in quantities which
    are usual for private households.
    Observe the instructions given in these Instructions
    for Use and in the separate Programme Chart when
    using the washing machine.
    Keep these Instructions for Use and the Programme
    Chart; if you pass on the washing machine to
    another person, also give him/her the Instructions
    for Use and the Programme Chart.
    1.Remove the packaging and check
    After unpacking, make sure that the washing
    machine is undamaged. If in doubt, do not use
    the washing machine. Contact After-Sales
    Service or your local dealer.
    Keep the packaging materials (plastic bags,
    polystyrene parts, etc.) out of reach of children,
    since it is a possible source of danger.
    If the appliance was exposed to the cold prior to
    delivery, keep it at room temperature for a few
    hours before operating.
    2.Remove the transit bolts
    The appliance is fitted with transit bolts to
    prevent internal damage during transport.
    Before using the washing machine you must
    remove the transit bolts
    (see “Installation”/
    ”Remove the transit bolts”).
    3.Install the washing machine
    Install the appliance on a solid and level floor
    surface. In the case of a yielding sub-floor, the
    appliance should be installed in the corner of a
    Adjust the feet to ensure that the machine is
    stable and level on the floor (see “Installation”/
    ”Adjust the feet”).
    In case of wooden or so-called “floating floors”
    (for instance certain parquet or laminate floors),
    place the appliance on a 70 x 70 cm sheet of
    plywood at least 3 cm in thickness. The plywood
    sheet must be screwed to the floor.
    Make sure that the ventilation openings in the
    base of your washing machine (if available on
    your washer) are not obstructed by a carpet or
    other material.
    4.Water inlet
    Connect the water supply inlet hose in accordance
    with the regulations of your local water company
    (see “Installation”/”Connect the water supply
    hose(s) (A or B, depending on the model)” and
    instructions on the hose bag).
    Water supply
    - for models with one inlet valve: cold water.
    - for models with two inlet valves: cold and hot
    water, or cold water only (see also instructions
    on separate programme chart).
    Tap: 3/4” threaded hose connection
    Pressure: 100-1000 kPa (1-10 bar).
    Use only new hoses to connect the washing
    machine to the water supply. Used hoses must
    not be used and should be discarded.
    5.Drain hose
    Connect the drain hose to the ventilated siphon or
    hook it over the edge of a sink by means of the “U”
    bend and secure it against falling down (see
    “Installation”/“Connect the water drain hose”).
    6.Electrical connections
    Electrical connections must be carried out by a
    qualified electrician in compliance with the
    manufacturer's instructions and local safety
    Voltage information, power consumption and
    electrical fusing data are supplied on the front
    panel behind the door frame.
    The appliance must be connected to the mains
    exclusively by means of a socket with an earth
    connection in accordance with established
    regulations. The appliance must be earthed by
    law. The manufacturer declines all liability for
    possible damage to property or injury to persons
    or pets deriving from failure to observe the a/m
    Do not use extension leads or multi sockets.
    Before any maintenance on the washing
    machine disconnect the power plug or switch off
    the power supply.
    Access to the mains plug or to disconnection from
    mains supply via a double-pole switch must be
    ensured at all times following the installation.
    Do not operate the washing machine if it has
    been damaged during transport. Inform the
    After-Sales Service.
    Mains cable replacement is only to be carried out
    by After-Sales Service.
AWM 1007 Whirlpool

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Whirlpool
Model AWM 1007
Produk Mesin Cuci
EAN 8003437444654
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Kelas efisiensi energi A++
Konsumsi energi per siklus mencuci 1.38kWj
Konsumsi air pencucian tahunan 14520
Konsumsi listrik pencucian tahunan 272kWj
Konsumsi air per siklus 66
Bersertifikat Energy Star -
Layar terpasang
Jenis pemuatan Muatan depan
Tipe Bebas berdiri
Tipe kontrol Buttons, Rotary
Warna produk Putih
Warna pintu Abu-abu
Kelas pencucian A
Jumlah program pencucian -
Kapasitas drum 11kg
Kecepatan putaran maksimal 1200RPM
Kelas pengering di mesin cuci B
Waktu siklus (maks) 240men
Tingkat kebisingan (cuci) 51dB
Tingkat kebisingan (putaran) 78dB
- cotton
Program mencuci
Program mencuci alergi
Program mencuci warna hitam
Berat dan dimensi
Panjang -mm
Lebar -mm
Tinggi -mm

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