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head are even.
3 For the top of the head, cut with the grain using the individual guide
comb attachments. The smaller the number of the comb, the shorter the
cut. Comb or brush the hair as you cut for an even end result.
4 To complete the fade, blend the hair at the fade line by trimming up
and out across the line and against the grain all the way around the
head. Then, repeat all around, turning the trimmer upside down and
cutting downward. The final objective is to blend the hair so there is
no real line, just a perfect fade from bald to very short hair. You can
achieve this by using the #1 individual guide comb attachment. Continue
combing and cutting until you achieve the desired effect.
5 To create a part, pick a spot off-center. Pull the scalp tight and with the
end of the blade perpendicular to the head, move the trimmer back and
forth to cut a line. Comb through it and cut again to make sure the cut
is precise.
TRIMMING PRIVATE AREAS with the trimmer & detailer head.
1. Volume reduction using trimmer head. Attach guide comb and select a
long trimming length. Begin trimming, starting at the top and working
down. Use progressively closer settings to get the “look” and length you
2. For hard to reach or tight areas, use the detailer head. Always pull skin
taut. Then slowly move the detailer through area to trim until desired look
is accomplished.
3. Shave in your private areas by gently shaving in the desired area and
always keep the skin taut.
TRIMMING NOSE HAIR using detailer head.
Make sure the nasal passages are clean. Slowly move the detailer in and
out of each nostril, no more than 1/4-inch deep.
TRIMMING EAR HAIR using detailer head.
Make sure the outer areas of the ears do not contain any wax. Hold the ear
flat with one hand and carefully insert detailer no more than 1/4-inch into
the outer ear.
CAUTION: Do not insert the detailer or any other foreign object into
the inner ear. For hair growing on the outside of the ear, simply move the
detailer slowly along the edges of the ear.
TRIMMING EYEBROWS using detailer head.
Slowly move detailer to neatly trim stray hairs. For precise, even trimming,
slowly move the detailer closer or farther away from eyebrows to achieve
desired length. Do not press against brow as it may remove too much hair.
FADE CUT using a T-Blade
1 Start at the temple and cut all the way around the head to establish
the ultimate location of the fade line. Always cut against the grain for the
shortest cut. Don’t force the blade through the hair. Let the trimmer do
the work.
2 Next, cut around the head again and up the nape of the neck to the
fade line, brushing away the cut hair as you go. Pull the scalp taut with
the thumb for the closest cut. Turn the trimmer upside down when
necessary to keep cutting against the grain. Make sure both sides of the
ears and hairline.
Accentuate your beard line by using the
trimmer in a downward motion. Start
at the line you’ve created and, working
from the chin back toward the ears,
trim the area right under your beard line.
5. Define the upper part of your beard
using the same technique.
6. For a neater finished look, replace
attachment blade to the detail blade
forward. Use this blade for fine, detail
trimming anywhere it is needed, such
as at the sideburns near the ears,
goatees, etc.
Slowly move trimmer downward on desired areas to neatly trim and shape.
TRIMMING ARM & LEG HAIR using trimmer head.
Simply glide the trimmer over your arm or leg until desired hair length is
achieved. The first time you trim the hair, start by using a longer setting on
the guide comb on the trimmer, then use progressively shorter settings if a
shorter length is preferred.
TRIMMING CHEST & STOMACH using trimmer head.
Glide the trimmer over your torso region, in an upward motion until desired
hair length is achieved. For tight, scratch-free trimming, use the #1 guide
FOR THE CLOSEST LOOK, after trimming, attach the shaver
head. The shaver makes for the perfect tool to groom the total body. Using
the same technique, as mentioned prior, you
can groom wherever you feel a need. Shave
against hair growth while stretching the skin.
After every use, remove the shaver foil by
pressing both side buttons and carefully using
cleaning brush provided.
Self-sharpening blades are high compression, high-carbon
steel, made to maintain their shape and sharpness for extended
The following are suggested trimming steps and trimmer positions.
You may find different procedures work
better for you.
1. Comb your beard in the direction that
it grows to help reveal stray hairs that
may be longer than the others.
2. Attach the 6-position trimming guide
to trim and taper your beard. Begin
with the guide set at a long trimming length. Trim toward
your chin in smooth, overlapping strokes, following the lay of
your beard. If you trim against the way
your beard naturally lays, the trimmer
will cut the hair much shorter and the
result may be patchy.
Adjust the trimming guide to
progressively shorter settings until you reach the desired length
of beard. You may wish to set the trimming guide attachment
to cut closer near the ear and down under the chin, changing
to a longer setting toward the front of the face and point of your
chin. When the trimming guide is removed, it will remain at its last
length setting until you change it.
Always be sure the trimming guide is locked solidly into the
desired position before you start to
3. To cut the outline of your beard,
remove the trimming guide. Starting
under your chin and working back
toward your jawbone and ears, cut
the outer perimeter of your beard
underneath the jawbone. Continue the line all the way up to the
For best results, put one or two drops of Wahl Clipper Oil on
the blades only when necessary, or approximately once a month.
Motor bearings are permanently lubricated—do not attempt to oil.
When oiling your trimmer, turn the trimmer “ON - I,” hold the unit
with the blades facing DOWN and squeeze one or two drops of oil
onto the blades. Wipe off excess oil with soft cloth.
Excessive oiling or application of liquids will cause damage if
allowed to seep back into motor.
Trimmer blades have precision-hardened, ground and lapped
cutting teeth. Blades should be handled carefully and never
bumped or used to cut dirty or abrasive material. Never rinse the
blades with water, or the blades may rust. Clean with the included
Before storing your trimmer, use the cleaning brush to whisk
any loose hairs from the unit and the blades. For units with a
soft-touch grip, use a damp cloth to wipe down the body of the
trimmer, taking care not to get the blades wet.
Store unit in such a manner so that blades
are protected from damage.
When the trimmer is not in use, the
trimmer guide/blade guard attachment
should be in place to protect the blades.
This appliance should be stored in a
manner where it is not subjected to
Crushing, Heating above 100°C (212°F),
or Incineration.


When using your electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND SAFEGUARDS BEFORE USING THIS TRIMMER.


To reduce the risk of death or injury by electric shock:1. Do not reach for an appliance that has fallen into water. Unplug immediately from the outlet. 2. Do not use while bathing or in a shower.3. Do not place or store appliance where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid.4. Except when charging, always unplug this appliance from the electrical outlet immediately after using.5. Always unplug this appliance before cleaning. 6. (Rechargeable unit only.) Unplug the charger before using trimmer.
If your Trimmer does not seem to take a charge, check the following
before returning it for repair:
1. Check outlet to make sure it is working by plugging in another
2. Make sure the outlet simply is not connected to a light switch which
turns the power at the outlet off when lights are turned off.
3. Be sure the trimmer is properly connected to the recharging
transformer, all connections are secure and the switch on the
trimmer is turned “OFF - 0.”
4. If your electricity is connected to a master power switch, we
suggest the trimmer be disconnected from the charger anytime
the master switch is off. Leaving the unit plugged into a dead
outlet or an unplugged charger will drain the battery.
5. If trimmer does not run and it is completely charged, turn the unit
“ON - I” and pinch or push the blades manually. (Oil may have dried
out between the blades, so they may be temporarily stuck together.)
• For battery replacement send the entire, intact clipper unit to: Wahl
Annex 3001 North Locust, P.O. Box 578, Sterling, IL 61081
• Do not attempt to remove the battery. Lithium-Ion batteries can
explode, catch fire, and/or cause burns if disassembled, damaged, or
exposed to water or high temperatures.
• If you choose not to replace the battery, the entire, intact clipper unit
must be disposed. Do not attempt to remove the battery for disposal.
Lithium-Ion batteries may be subject to local disposal regulations.
Many locations prohibit disposal in standard waste receptacles.
Check your local laws and regulations.
• For recycling contact a government recycling agency, waste
disposal service, retailer, or visit online recycling sources, such as or
where oxygen is being administered.9. Never drop or insert any object into any opening.10. Do not use this appliance with a damaged or broken blade or trimming attachment, as facial injury may occur. 11. Always attach plug to appliance first, then to outlet. To disconnect, turn unit “OFF - 0,” then remove plug from outlet.


For Household Use Only

1. This trimmer is conveniently designed for household use. It
should be allowed to charge 1 hour before first use.
2. Remove the trimmer, recharging transformer and accessories
from the packing material.
3. Connect the transformer to the trimmer. BE SURE TRIMMER IS
4. Plug the recharging transformer into any convenient electrical
outlet at the correct voltage.
5. When trimmer is low in power, it should be connected to the
transformer and plugged into an outlet to assure maximum
power is available when it is next used. This transformer
is designed to completely charge the battery without
overcharging. Do not use the trimmer while it is charging.
6. The battery will take approximately 60 minutes to charge. The
Lithium Ion Trimmer also has quick charge capability.
7. Insert only recharging transformer plug supplied by the
manufacturer into charger receptacle.


To reduce the risk of burns, electrical shock or injury to persons:1. Do Not Crush, Disassemble, Heat Above 100°C (212°F), or Incinerate the appliance, due to Risk of Fire, Explosion, or Burns.2. This power unit is intended to be correctly orientated in a vertical or floor mount position.3. Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is used by, on, or near children or disabled persons.4. Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.5. Never operate this appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or if it has been dropped into water. Return the appliance to Wahl Clipper Corporation for examination and repair.6. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.7. Only insert approved transformer plug or travel plug into charger receptacle.8. Do not use outdoors or operate where aerosol (spray) products are being used or


the release tab down to secure in position. To remove the guide,
gently push up on the release tab and slide the assembly away
from the trimmer. Adjust the trimming length by pressing on the
thumb lever and moving the comb forward or backward to the
desired setting.
A Detachable blade system enables you to quickly change
from a standard-width blade for full grooming to a narrow-
width blade for detail trimming around a mustache, goatee, or
anywhere to define the hair line
and clip any stray whiskers.
To remove attachment, simply pull
top edge of blade away from body
unit. To attach, align back tab of attachment head to cavity on the
inner edge of trimmer unit and push down on top of blade.
Should blades become damaged or dull or if you want additional
attachment heads for your trimmer, you may purchase them
from Wahl. Be sure to ask for the following attachment with part
number from our service and repair department (see last page for
contact information):
Attachment Head: Wahl Part Number
Trimmer: #59300
Detailer: #59301
T-Blade: #59302
Shaver: #59303
Rotary: #59306
The trimmer you purchased may not have all of these heads, but
they will all work with your trimmer if you wish to purchase them.
Your trimmer has been designed with several advanced features
to help you get perfect results every time you trim. Your trimmer
may be used to neatly trim goatees, beards, mustaches, neckline,
sideburns around the ears and eyebrows, or anywhere you may
need grooming. It also makes a great all-around family trimmer for
mini haircuts and touch ups between trips to the barber or to clean
up the shape of the neck.
Soft-Touch Grip (9854L, 9860L) allows you to hold the
trimmer in a comfortable position for precision trimming.
An Ergonomic Shape and gripping horizontal bars (9876L)
for added comfort, designed so you always hold the trimmer in
a comfortable position for precision trimming.
The shape also provides optimum trimming
A Rotating Head (9876L). The trimming
head rotates 360 degrees, providing two
trimming positions. This allows you to achieve
the optimum ergonomic relationship between
the hand, the trimmer and the face. Rotate the
head to the desired position as follows. With
the switch in the “OFF - 0” position, depress
the lock button and rotate the head clockwise or
counterclockwise 360 degrees.
A 6-Position Trimming Guide makes
achieving a consistent trim easy every time.
The guide can be removed (providing a
seventh cutting position) and reattached
without changing the preset cutting length,
so once you have found the perfect length,
there’s no guesswork in achieving it every trim.
The trimming guide is a two-piece assembly,
consisting of a base and a comb. It should
not be disassembled. To attach the guide,
simply slide it on at a slight angle and press
Operating Instructions for the
Lithium Ion Grooming Kits
Instrucciones de operación
de la recortadora recargable
#1 Stubble Length (2 mm)
#2 Short (4 mm)
#3 Medium Short (6 mm)
#4 Medium (8 mm)
#5 Medium Long (10 mm)
#6 Long (12 mm)
Your Trimmer includes three trimming attachments; stubble, medium
and long. The stubble guide has 1 bar, the medium-cut attachment has
two bars and the long-cut attachment has three
bars. These attachments are ideal for blending,
tapering and defining beards, as well as for
achieving a “close trim” stubble look around the
face. To use the attachments, go with the hair
direction. To achieve closer looks, go against
the hair direction.
Detachable Blade TrimmerRecortadora con láminas desmontable9876L9854L9860L
If you have problems with your trimmer, send it prepaid
with a note explaining the problem to:
Wahl Clipper Corporation
Attn: Repair Department
3001 Locust Street
Sterling, IL 61081
Telephone (800) 767-9245
For products purchased outside the United States, contact your distributor.
If for any reason within 30 days of purchase of your Wahl
trimmer you are not satisfied with your trimmer and would like a refund, just return your trimmer, together with the sales receipt, to the retailer from whom you purchased it. Wahl will reimburse all retailers who accept trimmers within 30 days of purchase. If you have any questions regarding this money-back guarantee, please call 1-800-767-9245 in the United States.30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
#59300 #59301 #59302 #59306#59303
1 2 3
© 2011 Wahl Clipper Corporation
Part No. 91668
Printed in U.S.A.
For more information or Product Registration, visit
Valid in U.S.A. Only
If your Wahl product fails to operate satisfactorily within five
(5) years from the date of original purchase or receipt as a gift,
Wahl will, at our option, repair or replace it and return it to you
FREE OF CHARGE. Do not return this product to store where
purchased. Products needing repair under this warranty should
be returned with postage prepaid to:
Wahl Clipper Corp.
Attn: Repair Department
3001 Locust Street
Sterling, Illinois 61081
Include a note describing the defect and the date of original
purchase or receipt as a gift (if in warranty). Products out of
warranty will be repaired at our standard repair charges.
This warranty is void and no repair or replacement will be made
under this warranty or otherwise if: (1) The product is modified
in any manner or repaired by anyone other than Wahl Clipper
Corporation or Wahl authorized service center. (2) The product
has been used commercially or subjected to unreasonable use.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may
also have other rights which may vary from state to state. No
other written express warranty is given. Any implied warranty,
including any warranty of merchantability which may arise from
purchase or use, is limited to the year period provided in this
express warranty. Some states may not allow such limitation,
so it may not apply to you. No responsibility is assumed for
incidental or consequential damages of any type, or for the use
of unauthorized attachments. Some states may not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so
the limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Outside U.S.A.,
check with store for Wahl authorized distributor’s warranty.
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