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If you choose not to send the shaver in for battery replacement, the
entire, intact shaver must be disposed.
· Do not attempt to remove the battery for disposal.
· Lithium-Ion batteries may be subject to local disposal regulations.
· Many locations prohibit disposal in standard waste receptacles. Check
your local laws and regulations.
· For recycling contact a government recycling agency, waste disposal
service, retailer, or visit online recycling sources.


· The cord should never be used to pull the shaver. Freedom of
movement needs to be maintained. Care should be used to keep the cord
untwisted, and undamaged.
· When stored, the cord should be coiled and placed neatly in a dry place.


By properly cleaning and maintaining the shaver, it will provide
maximum comfort and bump-free shaving. It is important to use with a
foil and cutter bar assembly that is clean and free of hair and other
debris that might affect performance.
Remove the flex foil head from the top of the shaver by pressing the
round button located on the right side of the shaver. Next, lift the flex
foil head off of the shaver. The flex foil head may be cleaned of loose
material, by gently tapping the housing against the surface of your sink.
Replace the flex foil head to the top of the shaver before use.
The foil is micro-thin with precise, raised inner cutting edges, always
handle with care.
To ensure continued shaving satisfaction, you should
replace the foils often and cutter bar assembly
Replace cutter bar assembly if damaged. Damage
to the foil will result from using a broken or bent
cutter bar assembly.
Replace foil if creased, worn or broken. Using a
damaged or broken foil can result in facial injury.
WAHL MODEL NO. 7043-100
Always replace the Foil Guard to protect the
delicate dual foil heads when the shaver is not in
For best performance, charge shaver until full charge is
achieved before rst use. When the shaver is fully
charged, the Recharging Indicator Light will not be
If you are a rst-time electric shaver user, or changing
from another brand, there will be a 2-3 week (or less)
adjustment period, while your face and beard adapt to
the new foil.
During the break-in period of the cutter bar, black
residue may be left on the face. It is a harmless
combination of whiskers, skin debris and minute
particles from the cutter bar, which will wash off
easily. This condition will quickly disappear with use.
2900 Locust St. • Sterling, IL 61081 • (815) 625-6525 • Fax: (815) 625-6590
Form No. 95828
Printed in U.S.A.
Si su producto no llegará a opera satisfactoriamente en el período
de un (1) año, desde . fecha de la compra original o de haberlo
recibido como regalo, Wahl lo reparará o reemplazará . a su crite-
rio y se lo enviará GRATU ITAMENTE Nuestra garantía no cubre
las hojas, las cuales son partes deszastables. Por favor envíe su
producto con íranqueo pagado a Wahl Clipper Corporation,
3001 N. Locust St., Sterling, Illinois 61081, Atención:
Departamento de reparaciónes, con una nota describiendo el
defecto y con el recibo de compra original o el recibo como regalo
(si aún está bajo garatiría). Los productos fuera de garantía serán
reparados a nuestros precios originales de reparación.
Esta garantía no es válida y no se hara ninguna reparación o
reemplazo si el producto:
1. Ha sido modificado en cualquier manera.
2. Ha sido reparado por otro que no sea Wahl Clipper
Corporation .
3. Ha sido sometido a una utilización inadecuada.
Esta garantía le brinda derechos legales específicos y usted puede
adquirir otros derechos, los cuales varían de un estado a otro. No
se brinda ninguna otra zarantía expresa. Cualguier garanúa
implícita incluyendo cualguier guaratía mercantil la al podria surgir por
la compra ola utilización, está limitada al período de un año
proporcionado en esta garantía expresa. Algunos estados no
permihrán tal limitación; por o tanto tal vez no se aplique a usted.
No se asumirá ninguna respons.abilidad por daños accidentales o
consiguientes de cualquier tipo o por la utilización de dispositivos
no autorizados. Algunos estados no permitirán tal exclusión o
limitación; por lo tanto tal vez no se aplique a usted. Garantía vál-
ida solamente en Estados Unidos de Norteamérica.
If your Wahl product fails to operate satisfactorily within one (1)
year from the date of original purchase or receipt as a gift, Wahl
will at our option repair or replace it and return it to you FREE
OF CHARGE. Our warranty does not cover foils or cutter bars
which are wear out parts. Please mail your product prepaid to
Wahl Clipper Corporation, 3001 N. Locust St., Sterling, Illinois
61081, Attention: Repair Department, with a note describing the
defect and the date of original purchase or receipt as a gift (if in
warranty). Products out of warranty will be repaired at our stan-
dard repair charges.
This warranty is void and no repair or replacement will be made
under this warranty or otherwise if:
1. The product is modified in any manner.
2. The product is repaired by anyone other than Wahl
Clipper Corporation
3. The product has been subject to unreasonable use.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also
have other rights which may vary from state to state. No other
written express warranty is given. Any implied warranty includ-
ing any warranty of merchantability, which may arise from pur-
chase or use is limited to the one-year period provided in this
express warranty. Some states may not allow such limitation, so it
may not apply to you. No responsibility is assumed for incidental
or consequential damages of any type, or for the use of unauthor-
ized attachments. Some states may not allow the exclusion or lim-
itation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitation or
exclusion may not apply to you. Warranty valid only in the
United States.
Si le produit Wahl cesse de fonctionner de façon satisfaisante en
deçà d'un an, à compter de la date d'achat initiale ou de réception en
cadeau, Wahl s'engage, à son gré, à le réparer ou à le remplacer, et
à le retourner SANS FRAIS à l'expéditeur. La garantie ne couvre pas
les lames, les brosses ou d'autres pièces d'usure. Le produit
défectueux doit être envoyé, port payé, à Wahl Clipper Corporation,
3001 N. Locust St.,
Sterling, Illinois 61081, Attention: Repair
Department, accompagné d'une note décrivant le défaut et indiquant
la date d'achat initiale ou de réception en cadeau (s'il est couvert par
la garantie). Le produit non couvert par la garantie est réparé moyen-
nant des frais de réparation standard.
La présente garantie est nulle et non avenue, et aucune réparation ni
aucun remplacement ne sont effectués, au titre de la présente garan-
tie, ou autrement si :
1) le produit a été modifié de quelque manière que ce soit;
2) le produit a été réparé par toute entité autre que Wahl Clipper
3) le produit a été soumis à un usage abusif.
La garantie confère à l'acheteur des droits juridiques précis, qui peut
également se prévaloir d'autres droits propres à son État de rési-
dence. Aucune autre garantie expresse écrite n'est donnée. Toute
garantie implicite, y compris toute garantie de qualité marchande,
découlant de l'achat ou de l'utilisation se limite à une période d'un an,
qui est prévue dans la présente garantie expresse. Certains États
peuvent ne pas reconnaître la présente garantie limitée, qui alors
peut ne pas s'appliquer à l'acheteur. La société décline toute respon-
sabilité à l'égard de dommages accessoires ou consécutifs, quels
qu'ils soient, ou de l'utilisation d'accessoires non approuvés. Certains
États peuvent ne pas permettre l'exclusion ou la limitation à l'égard de
dommages accessoires ou consécutifs, et la limitation ou l'exclusion
peut alors ne pas s'appliquer à l'acheteur. Garantie valide aux États-
Unis seulement.


When using the shaver, basic precautions should
always be followed:


To reduce the risk of death or injury by electric
1. Do not reach for the shaver, after it has fallen into water. Unplug
immediately from receptacle.
2. Do not use while bathing or in a shower.
3. Do not place or store the shaver where it can fall or be pulled into a
tub or sink. Do not place or drop into water or other liquid.
4. Always unplug the shaver from the electrical outlet immediately
after use or after charging the battery.
5. Unplug shaver before cleaning.


To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock or
injury to persons:
1. Do not crush, disassemble, heat above 100º C (212ºF), or incinerate
the appliance, due to risk of fire, explosion, or burns.
2. This shaver can be used by children aged from 14 years and above
and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities
or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given
supervision or instruction, by a person responsible for their safety,
concerning the use of the shaver in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved. Children shall not play with the shaver. Cleaning
and user maintenance shall not be made by children without
3. Use the shaver only for it’s intended use, as described in this
manual. Do not use attachments not recommended by the
4. Never operate if the shaver has a damaged cord or plug, if not
working properly, if dropped or damaged, or if dropped into water.
Return the shaver to Wahl Clipper Corporation for examination and
5. Keep this shaver dry.
6. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
7. Never drop or insert any object into any opening.
8. Do not use outdoors or operate where aerosol (spray) products are
being used or where oxygen is being administered.
9. Do not use this shaver with a damaged or broken foil, as facial
injury may occur.
10. Always attach plug to shaver first, then to the outlet. To disconnect,
turn all control to “off”, and then remove plug from outlet.
11. Use only the charger supplied by the manufacturer to recharge or
power this shaver.
12. During use, do not place or leave the shaver where it is expected to
be subject to damage by an animal, or exposed to weather.




The foil is for super close cutting and designed to
cut hair that is 1/32" or shorter.
The foil needs to glide over the skin. Do not press
hard against the skin but allow the shaver to
work for you. Pressing against the skin too hard can
cause damage to the foil.
It is important to use the shaver with a foil and
cutter bar assembly that is clean and free of hair
and other debris that might affect performance.
The foil and cutter bar assembly are wear out parts.
Replacement may vary depending on usage. The foil
is micro-thin with precise, raised inner cutting edges
around the holes. These raised cutting edges will
wear with use which will be indicated if your shaver
slows down and the foil seems to get warm.
We suggest that you thoroughly cleanse and
completely dry skin prior to shaving. For those times
when the beard is longer than 1/32” begin by using a
trimmer to cut the beard, then use the shaver to get a
close, clean shave.
Begin shaving at the neckline, in short, upwards
strokes and then continuing upwards until you have
shaved all areas of the beard. The shaver is designed
to remove most facial hair and give a close, clean
shave that is bump and irritation free.


This shaver may be used without a cord when fully charged. If battery
power is low, a power cord can attach directly to the shaver for
continued use as a corded shaver. The indicator light will illuminate
when the shaver is run with a cord.
Plug power cord directly into shaver. Be sure shaver is switched OFF
when charging.
Plug power cord into an outlet at the correct voltage.
FOR CORDED OPERATION, connect to receptacle on the bottom of
the shaver. If the battery is completely run down, allow the shaver to
charge for 1 minute (switched OFF) before using with cord.
If the cord is left attached to the shaver when not in use, the cord will
automatically charge the shaver when left in the OFF position.
To clean the shaver, use a clean cloth (dry or dampened with water).
DO NOT USE bleach, benzene or thinner to clean the shaver.


If the shaver does not seem to be operating or charging properly,
please check the following:
· Check the outlet’s current by plugging another appliance (one you
know is in proper working condition) into the outlet.
· Make sure the shaver is not connected to a power source that turns
itself off when lights are turned off.
· Make sure the shaver and power cord contacts are clean and free of
hair or other contaminants.
· If you still encounter problems with your unit, ship the shaver and
power cord, pre-paid, to our factory with a note explaining the
problem: Attn: Repair Dept. – Wahl Annex – 3001 North Locust –
P.O. Box 578 – Sterling, IL 61081


The shaver can be used with the cord or without the cord, if adequately
charged. Unlike many other shavers, you will have the ability to shave
even if the battery power is low.
· For best performance, charge shaver until full charge is achieved
before first use. When the shaver is fully charged, the Recharging
Indicator Light will not be illuminated.
· Plug the power cord into the shaver or recharging stand (not all
shavers have recharge stands). BE SURE SHAVER IS IN THE “OFF”
· In the "off" position, the Recharging Indicator Light will glow only until
a full charge has been achieved. The shaver cannot be overcharged, so
you may charge it as often as desired.


To recharge shaver, plug power cord directly in unit or place shaver in
recharge stand.


· When the battery is fully charged, the equipment can be used for up
to 90 minutes of continuous run time.




For battery replacement send the entire, intact shaver to:
Wahl Annex, 3001 North Locust, P.O. Box 578, Sterling, IL 61081
Do not attempt to remove the battery. Lithium-Ion batteries can
explode, catch fire, and/or cause burns if disassembled, damaged, or
exposed to water or high temperatures.
Remove the flex foil head from the top of the shaver by pressing the
round button located on the right side of the shaver. Next, lift the flex foil
head off of the shaver; this will expose the cutter bar assembly.
Gently brush any loose hair and debris from the cutter bar assembly and
surrounding area by using the pre-shave brush. To remove the cutter
bar assembly, gently press down on it and turn the assembly 90 degrees.
It should pop right off. Run the cutter bar assembly under warm water
and dry it off with a paper towel. Return the cutter bar assembly to the
shaver by reversing this process and replace the flex foil head.
Manual de Operación
Manual d’ Utilisation
Including, but not limited to:
No. 8164
Incluyendo pero no limitadas a:
No. 8164
Y compris, mais sans limitation:
Modèle 8164


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