All-Body Massager Wahl

Petunjuk All-Body Massager Wahl

    If you have problems with your WAHL product, send it
    prepaid with a note explaining the problem to:
    Wahl Clipper Corporation
    Attn: Repair Department
    3001 Locust Street
    Sterling, IL 61081
    Telephone (815) 625-6525
    For products purchased outside the United States,
    contact your distributor.
    1. With both of the massager switches in the OFF position,
    plug the power cord into an AC outlet. (Make sure the voltage
    of power supply is the same as that indicated on massager.)
    2. Place the desired massage attachment on the stem of the
    massager. The attachments easily press on and pull off. If
    heat is desired, the heat attachment must be used. (See
    special instructions below for using the Deep Heat Attach-
    3. Slide the bottom switch to the desired massaging speed
    I - LOW or II -HIGH.
    I - LOW — for soothing massage.
    II - HIGH — for vigorous, deep-penetrating action.
    4. Slide the top switch to the desired heat setting
    I - LOW or II - HIGH. Use heat only with the Deep Heat
    Attachment. Heat may be applied alone or with the massaging
    5. Apply the massager to the targeted area, using continual
    movement. A circular motion is often most effective. (See
    To insert Deep Heat Attachment, simply align the special track
    bar with the grooved section in the massager stem (see
    diagram), then press firmly onto stem. To detach, use thumb
    and two fingers and pull away from stem.
    When Deep Heat Attachment is
    correctly aligned and pushed on
    the stem, the electrical heat
    element is automatically
    connected. If using the mas-
    sager for the first time, begin
    with the lowest heat setting.
    Test the surface for a comfort-
    able temperature. The mas-
    sager will heat to the desired level within four minutes.
    NOTE: When using heat, always check temperature before
    placing massager against skin. Every person reacts differently
    to certain temperatures. We suggest the following before use
    — check temperature by lightly touching with fingertips the
    silver heat plate on the massager. If uncomfortable to your
    touch, reduce temperature by (1) rubbing massaging surface
    on soft cloth, (2) moving the HEAT button to a lower setting, or
    (3) turning off unit for a short period before applying to your
    skin. Keep the massager moving constantly any time heat is
    on. Never use heat on swollen or inflamed areas, or on skin
    NEVER use the heat applicator if the plastic housing is cracked
    or broken, or if the metal plate is loose, bent or lifted.
    CAUTION: The two holes in the stem of the massager are like
    an electrical plug — electrical power is transmitted through
    them. NEVER allow water near the stem, and never insert
    anything into the holes.
    Massage each shoulder toward back of neck to point just
    behind and below ear. Then back to shoulder. Repeat several
    ARMS — Start with a gentle massage of the palms and
    fingers. Next, using a circular motion, move upward to
    forearms. Then up tobiceps and shoulders.
    LEGS — If desired, massage bottoms of feet. Then, using a
    circular motion, massage each leg from calf on up and over
    CHEST — Massage from center of chest outward, and up
    toward each shoulder.
    BACK — Massage from top of spine to bottom, and from
    center outward.
    ABDOMEN —Relax abdominal muscles by massaging from
    center outward, using a gentle, circular motion.
    JOINTS —Relieve tired, aching knees and elbows with
    smooth, circular strokes.
    FACE — Gently massage from the nose outward, taking care
    to avoid contact with the eye.
    SCALPStart at the back of the neck and massage up to the
    top of the head. Using this up and down motion, massage
    across the scalp.
    Always unplug massager before cleaning.
    To clean, simply wipe unit with a dry, soft cloth. Do not
    immerse in water or use any harsh cleaners or solvents. When
    storing unit, make sure cord is not twisted or kinked.
    Line Voltage
    Amplitude &
    Frequency Setting
    Vibration for Single-
    speed Models
    100 Hz
    2-Speed Models
    LOW (1) HIGH (2)
    Setting Setting
    100 Hz 50Hz
    (6000) (3000)
    120 Hz 60 Hz
    (7200) (3600)
    Deep Heat
    1101-1001 (White)
    1101-1101 (Black)
    1105-1101 (New)
    General Body
    1102-1001 (White)
    1102-1101 (Black)
    1115-1001 (White)
    1115-1101 (Black)
    Deep Muscle
    1104-1001 (White)
    1104-1101 (Black)
    Muscle Kneading
    1116-1001 (White)
    1116-1101 (Black)
    1107-1001 (White)
    1101-1101 (Black)
    1103-1001 (White)
    1103-1101 (Black)
All-Body Massager Wahl

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Wahl
Model All-Body Massager
Produk Alat Pijat
EAN 43917412047, 43917419718
Bahasa Inggris, Spanyol
Jenis berkas PDF
Detail teknis
Jumlah program otomatis 2
Penggunaan secara tepat universal
Frekuensi masukan 50/60Hz
Tegangan masuk 100 - 120V
Warna produk Perak

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