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EBL Velleman
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1. Introduction

To all residents of the European Union
Important environmental information about this product
This symbol on the device or the package indicates that disposal of the device after its lifecycle could harm
the environment.
Do not dispose of the unit (or batteries) as unsorted municipal waste; it should be taken to a specialised
company for recycling.
This device should be returned to your distributor or to a local recycling service.
Respect the local environmental rules.
If in doubt, contact your local waste disposal authorities.
Thank you for buying the EBL! Please read the manual thoroughly before bringing this device into service. If the device
was damaged in transit, don't install or use it and contact your dealer.

2. Headlight Installation

1. Open the headlight by turning the front part in an anticlockwise direction. Remove the front part and take out the
battery holder. Install 4 x AAA batteries (not incl.) respecting the polarity. Slide the battery holder back into the
headlight body, the groove in the holder downwards. Close the headlight.
2. Install the bracket onto the bike’s handlebars and fasten tightly with the screw. Slide the headlight onto the
bracket until you hear a clicking sound.
3. To remove the headlight, slide the headlight forward while pressing the unlock button at the rear of the bracket.

3. Taillight Installation

1. 2 x AAA batteries (not incl.)
2. screwdriver (not incl.)
3. taillight bracket
4. seat post bracket
Push the red button to activate the taillight. Push
again to choose one of the 6 desired patterns.
The information in this manual is subject to change without prior notice.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
EBL Velleman

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