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MA 10300 Techno Line
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Quick reference

MA10300 thermo- hygrometer with cable temperature
This is a sensor for the "MOBILE-ALERTS" system, it
can be used with this system only. To use the sensor
you need a MOBILE-ALERTS gateway.
Sensor set up
Open the battery compartment of the temperature
sensor and put in 2x AAA batteries with the correct
Add Sensor
Open the app, dashboard is displayed. Tap "Add new
sensor" and scan the QR code on the back of the
temperature sensor. Then set a name for the sensor.
Batteries: 2 x micro (LR03, AAA)
Battery life: approx. 2 years
Measuring range temperature: – 39.9°C to +59.9°C
Accuracy: 1 °C
Measuring range humidity: 20-99%
Accuracy: 3%
Measurement intervals: 7 minutes
Transmission range: 100m (open area)
Cable length: 1,5m
More information and detailed instructions can be found
in the app at “Info” or at
The declaration of Conformity can be found at:
Old batteries do not belong into general
household waste. You are obliged to return
used batteries to your vendor or collection
Electrical devices have to be disposed
separately from the general household waste.
Take your old electronics to your local waste
collection point or recycling centre.

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