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  • useful tips for your drum washing machine
    The descriptions and images in this document may differ from your actual
    purchased product. For more information, refer to the user manual.
    Installing your washing machine in the location which is slippery
    or uneven, will result in vibrations and noise.
    If there is too much noise or vibration, check whether the four
    levelling adjustment legs are evenly and firmly on the floor.
    If the washing machine is not level, lift the washing machine
    slightly and adjust the lowest of the four levelling adjustment legs.
    Before using your washing machine, you must remove the
    shipping bolts from the back of the unit.
    For more information on removing the safety devices, refer to the user manual.
    Refer to the descriptions appropriate to your washing machine.
    1. Level your washer by turning the
    adjustable nut in and out, as shown
    in the figure.
    2. When your washing machine is
    level, tighten the locking nut using
    the (-) driver.
    1. Unfasten the locking
    nut by turning it to the
    left using a spanner.
    2. Level your washing
    machine by turning
    the adjustable feet in
    and out as necessary
    by hand.
    3. Fasten the locking
    nut by turning it to the
    right using a spanner.
    Cleaning the water supply filter
    If the filter net is not installed, it may cause a water leakage and operating error. Make sure to install it.
    1. Pull and remove the filter net. 2. Clean the filter. 3. Insert the filter net and fasten
    its connector firmly.
    Cleaning the debris filter
    When water does not drain well or ‘5E’ blinks on the display, clean the debris filter. The product appearance
    may differ from your washing machine. (However, the cleaning descriptions are the same.)
    1. Open the filter
    cover using a coin
    or a key.
    4. Unscrew the
    emergency drain
    cap by turning it
    counter clockwise.
    2. Unscrew the
    emergency drain
    cap and pull out the
    emergency drain
    tube to drain off the
    remaining water.
    5. Clean the debris
    filter and the inside
    of the drain hose.
    3. Hold the cap on
    the end of the
    emergency drain
    tube and allow all
    the water to flow
    into a bowl.
    6. Replace the
    debris filter, the
    emergency drain
    cap and tube and
    then close the filter
    If you open the debris filter when water remains inside the tub, water may flow out.
    If the debris filter is assembled incorrectly or not installed, it may cause a water leakage or operating error.
    Therefore make sure to assemble it correctly.
    Adding the
    Adding laundry
    Press the Add laundry(Stop&Add) button and add the laundry when the Add
    laundry lamp turns on.
    If you add the laundry during a spin cycle, it starts again with the initial set time
    regardless of the remaining time.
    Wash bedding using only the Bedding course.
    You can wash acrylic, mixed spinning and woolen bedding.
    When washing general clothes, the washing machine may
    not operate in the optimal status.
    Wash only one bedding item at a time regardless of size.
    Insert bedding rolled up into a ball.
    The center of gravity is distributed evenly causing less
    vibrations and noise.
    Do not wash electric blankets or carpets.
    When spinning blankets, cotton bedding, and woolen bedding,
    too much noise and vibrations may occur and the wash cannot
    be completed as spinning is not performed.
    Locking nut
    Adjustable nut
    (-) Driver
    Adjustable feet
    Make sure that the leveling feet
    legs are level with the floor.
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WF8804LP Samsung

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