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Pivotell Ltd, P.O.Box 108, Saffron Walden CB11 4WX
Tel: 01799 550979 Fax: 01799 550838





Five alarms per day - either audio or vibration or both. Snooze function.

Five compartments to hold daily medication (capacity - approx 10 ml.)

Compact design for easy carriage in a pocket or bag.

Locking switch to prevent accidental alteration of settings.

24 Hour Clock.

Large LCD display with LED backlight.

ISO9001:2000 and Medical CE (EUROPE) certified. RoHS approved.
The MiniTell pill box is powered by one CR2025 or CR2032 lithium battery
(preinstalled) for time function and one AAA battery for vibration, alarm,
sound and light functions. Insert the AAA battery before setting the time.
To install the AAA battery:
With the digital display facing upwards slide the OPEN’ switch on the rim
to the right and separate the top body from the bottom.
Remove the battery case cover (picture shows cover already removed).
Insert the AAA battery making sure it is placed with the correct polarity as
indicated by the polarity symbols in the battery case recess. Replace
battery case cover. Click bottom and top of unit back together.
NB After changing either battery depress the ‘reset’ white button using a
sharp point.
Turn the pill box so that the side with the pill compartments is facing you.
Turn the translucent cover 1/6th round to obtain access to each
Fill the compartments numbered 1 to 5 with the medication corresponding
to your prescription. i.e. Compartment 1 for first dose, compartment 2 for
Finish by turning the translucent cover so that all compartments are
covered and check that all medication is in the correctly numbered
Turn the pill box so the that the digital display is facing you.
Slide the ‘Hold’ button (on the rim) to the left, to unlock settings.
Press the T-SET button for four seconds until appears on the LCD.
Release button. The hours digits will flash.
Turn the Time Adjustment Ring (white serrated rim) either clockwise or
anticlockwise to set the correct hour.
Press & release T-SET to confirm and the minutes digits will flash. Rotate
the Time Adjustment Ring in the same way to set the correct minute.
Press & release T-SET again to confirm.

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