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Walita RI3016 Philips
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EN User manual PT-BR Manual do Usuário
Specifications are subject to change without notice
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All rights reserved.
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What’s in the box
Conteúdo da caixa
Cozimento a vapor
Cooking rice
Preparo de arroz
Using the rice cooker
Utilização da máquina de fazer arroz
1 Your rice cooker
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2 Important
Read this important information leaet carefully before you use the
rice cooker and save it for future reference.
Don’t immerse the main
body of the rice cooker in
water, nor rinse it under
the tap.
Check if the voltage
indicated on the rice
cooker corresponds to the
local power voltage before
you connect it.
Only connect the rice
cooker to a grounded
power outlet. Always
make sure that the plug
is inserted rmly into the
power outlet.
Do not use the appliance if
the plug, the power cord,
the inner pot, the sealing
ring, or the main body is
Make sure that the
damaged power cord
is replaced by Philips, a
service center authorized
by Philips or similarly
qualied persons in order
to avoid a hazard.
The appliance is not
intended for use by
persons (including children)
with reduced physical,
sensory, or mental
capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge,
unless they have been
given supervision or
instruction concerning
use of the appliance by
a person responsible for
their safety.
Children should be
supervised to make sure
that they do not play with
the rice cooker.
Keep the power cord out
of the reach of children.
Do not let the power cord
hang over the edge of the
table or worktop on which
the rice cooker stands.
Make sure the heating
element, the temperature
sensor, and the outside of
the inner pot are clean and
dry before you put the plug
in the power outlet.
Do not plug in the rice
cooker or press any of the
buttons on the control
panel with wet hands.
Never connect this rice
cooker to an external timer
switch in order to avoid a
hazardous situation.
Never use any accessories
or parts from other
manufacturers or that
Philips does not specically
recommend. If you use such
accessories or parts, your
guarantee becomes invalid.
Do not expose the
rice cooker to high
temperatures, nor place it
on a working or still hot
stove or cooker.
Do not expose the rice
cooker to direct sunlight.
Place the rice cooker on a
stable, horizontal, and level
Always put the inner pot in
the rice cooker before you
put the plug in the power
outlet and switch it on.
Do not place the inner pot
directly over an open re
to cook rice.
Do not use the inner pot if
it is deformed.
The accessible surfaces
may become hot when the
rice cooker is operating.
Only touch the control
panel and open lid button.
Beware of hot steam
coming out of the steam
vent during cooking or out
of the rice cooker when
you open the lid. Keep
hands and face away from
the rice cooker to avoid
the steam.
The inner pot, steam
basket, and resealable cups,
during and after cooking
process, may be hot and
Do not lift and move the
rice cooker while it is
Do not exceed the
maximum water level
indicated in the inner pot
to prevent overow.
Do not place the cooking
utensils inside the pot while
cooking, keeping warm or
reheating rice.
Only use the cooking
utensils provided. Avoid
using sharp utensils.
Do not use the cooking
utensils provided by the
rice cooker on open ame.
To avoid scratches, it is
not recommended to
cook ingredients with
crustaceans and shellsh.
Remove the hard shells
before cooking.
Do not insert metallic
objects or alien substances
into the steam vent.
Do not place a magnetic
substance on the lid. Do
not use the rice cooker
near a magnetic substance.
Always let the rice cooker
cool down before you
clean or move it.
Always clean the rice
cooker after use. Do not
clean the rice cooker in
Always unplug the rice
cooker if not used for a
longer period.
The rice cooker is intended
to be used in household or
similar applications such as:
Staff kitchen areas in shops,
ofces, and other residential
type environments; Farm
houses; By clients in hotels,
motels and other residential
type environments;
Bed and breakfast type
If the rice cooker is
used improperly or for
professional or semi-
professional purposes, or
if it is not used according
to the instructions in this
user manual, the guarantee
becomes invalid and Philips
refuses liability for any
damage caused.
Electromagnetic elds (EMF)
This Philips appliance complies with all applicable standards and
regulations regarding exposure to electromagnetic elds.
3 What’s in the box
Rice cooker main unit Steam basket
Rice scoop Measuring cup
User manual Service List
Warranty card Power cord
Inner pot
Lid release button
Water level indications
Detachable steam vent cap
Heating element
Main body
Control Key
Power socket
Steam water storage
Keep warm indicator
Outer lid
Cooking indicator
4 Using the rice cooker
Before rst use
1 Take out all the accessories from the inner pot. Remove the
packaging material of the inner pot.
2 Clean the parts of the rice cooker thoroughly before using
the rice cooker for the rst time (see chapter ‘Cleaning’).
Make sure all parts are completely dry before you start using the
rice cooker.
Preparations before use
Before using the rice cooker, you need to follow the preparation:
1 Measure the rice using the measuring cup provided.
2 Wash the rice thoroughly.
3 Put the pre-washed rice in the inner pot.
4 Add water to the level indicated on the scale inside the inner
pot that corresponds to the number of cups of rice used.
Then smooth the rice surface.
5 Press the release lever to open the lid.
6 Put the inner pot in the rice cooker. Check if the inner pot is
in proper contact with the heating element.
7 Close the lid of the rice cooker, put the plug in the power
Each cup of uncooked rice normally gives 3 cups of cooked rice.
Do not exceed the quantities indicated on the inside of the inner
The level marked inside the inner pot is just an indication. You can
always adjust the water level for different types of rice and your
own preference. If the voltage is unstable at the area you live, it is
possible that the rice cooker overows.
Besides following the water level indications, you can also add rice
and water at 1:1-1.2 ratio for rice cooking. Do not exceed the
quantities indicated on the inside of the inner pot.
Use a separate container to wash the rice to avoid damaging the
non-stick coating of the inner pot.
Make sure that the outside of the inner pot is dry and clean, and
that there is no foreign residue on the heating element or the
magnetic switch.
Rice cooking
1 Follow the steps in “Preparations before use”.
2 Push down the control key, and the cooking (
indicator lights up.
3 When the cooking is nished, the cooking (
) indicator
will be off.
4 The rice cooker switches to keep warm mode automatically,
and the keep warm (
) indicator lights up.
Do not exceed the volume indicated nor exceed the maximum
water level indicated in the inner pot, as this may cause the rice
cooker to overow.
1 Measure a few cups of water with the measuring cup.
2 Pour the water into the inner pot.
3 Put the steam basket into the inner pot.
4 Put the food into the steam basket.
User manual
RI 3011
RI 3016
Service list
RI 3011
RI 3016
HD 3031
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Walita RI3016 Philips

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Philips
Model Walita RI3016
Produk Pemasak Nasi
EAN 871010360534
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Daya 650 W
Frekuensi masukan AC 60 Hz
Tegangan masukan AC 220 V
Panci dalam dapat digunakan pada alat pencuci piring Ya
Baki uap plastik Ya
Ventilasi pencegah tumpah Ya
Waktu fungsi penjaga panas 720 men
Fungsi penjaga panas Ya
Panjang kabel 1.2 m
Kabel listrik dapat dilepas Ya
Warna produk Pink,Silver,White
Kapasitas (liter/cangkir) 1.5 / 8
Panci dalam anti-lengket yang gampang dibersihkan Ya
Isi kemasan
Gelas ukur Ya
Sendok/centong nasi Ya
Berat dan dimensi
Lebar 305 mm
Tinggi 275 mm
Panjang 305 mm
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