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- Do not use the appliance in the bath
or in the shower.
- Never use water hotter than 60°C to
rinse the shaver.
- Do not use the appliance, adapter or
any other part if it is damaged, as this
may cause injury. Always replace a
damaged adapter or part with one of
the original type.
- Never use compressed air, scouring
pads, abrasive cleaning agents or
aggressive liquids such as petrol or
acetone to clean the appliance.
- Water may drip from the socket at the
bottom of the shaver when you rinse
it. This is normal and not dangerous
because all electronics are enclosed in
a sealed power unit inside the shaver.
- Use and store the appliance at a
temperature between 5°C and 35°C.
Compliance with standards
- The appliance complies with the
internationally approved IEC safety
regulations and can be safely cleaned
under the tap (Fig. 4).
- This Philips appliance complies with all
applicable standards and regulations
regarding exposure to electromagnetic
- The adapter is equipped with an
automatic voltage selector and is
suitable for mains voltages ranging from
100 to 240 volts.
- The adapter transforms 100-240 volts
to a safe low voltage of less than
24 volts.
Make sure the shaver is switched off when
you start to charge it.
When you charge the shaver for the rst
time or after a long period of non-use, let it
charge continuously for 12 hours. Charging
normally takes 10 hours.
Charge the appliance when the motor
stops or starts running slower.
For optimal performance, only charge the
shaver when the battery is low.
Do not leave the appliance connected to
the mains for more than 24 hours.
1 Put the adapter in the wall socket.
, The charging light goes on to indicate
that the appliance is charging (Fig. 5).
Congratulations on your purchase and
welcome to Philips! To fully benet from
the support that Philips offers, register your
product at
General description (Fig. 1)
1 Protection cap
2 Shaving heads
3 Shaving unit
4 Hair chamber
5 Handle
6 On/off slide
7 Socket for small plug
8 Wheel for retaining frame
9 Retaining frame
10 Cutter
11 Guard
12 Release button
13 Cleaning brush
14 Adapter
15 Charging light
16 Small plug
Read this important information carefully
before you use the appliance and save it for
future reference.
- Keep the adapter dry (Fig. 2).
- The adapter contains a transformer.
Do not cut off the adapter to replace
it with another plug, as this causes a
hazardous situation.
- This appliance is not intended for use
by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
- Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the
- Always unplug the appliance before
you clean it under the tap.
- Never immerse the appliance in
water (Fig. 3).
Note: Charge the shaver for at least 8 hours
but not more than 24 hours.
2 Remove the adapter from the wall
socket and pull the plug out of the
shaver when the battery is fully
charged (Fig. 6).
Note: The shaver does not run from the mains.
When the battery is empty, you have to
recharge the battery before you can use the
shaver again.
Cordless shaving time
A fully charged shaver has a cordless shaving
time of approximately 45 (S360), 30 (S331,
S330, S321) or 20 (S311, S301, S300)
Using the appliance
Your rst shaves may not bring you the
result you expect and your skin may even
become slightly irritated. This is normal.
Your skin and beard need time to adapt to
any new shaving system. We advise you to
shave regularly (at least 3 times a week)
with this shaver for a period of 3 weeks to
allow your skin to adapt to the new shaver.
Note: The shaver cannot be used directly from
the mains.
1 Remove the protection cap.
2 Push the on/off slide upwards to
switch on the shaver (Fig. 7).
3 Move the shaving heads over your
skin. Make both straight and circular
movements (Fig. 8).
Note: Do not use the shaver in combination
with gel or foam.
Note: Your skin may need 2 or 3 weeks to get
accustomed to the Philips shaving system.
4 Push the on/off slide downwards to
switch off the shaver.
5 Clean the shaver after every shave
(see chapter ‘Cleaning and
6 Put the protection cap on the
shaver to prevent damage and
dirt accumulation in the shaving
heads (Fig. 9).
Register your product and get support at
S360, S330, S331, S321,
S311, S301, S300
3 4
6 7
8 9
12 13
15 16
18 19
20 21

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Philips
Model S330
Produk Pisau Cukur
EAN []
Bahasa Inggris, Bahasa Indonesia
Kelompok produk Pisau Cukur
Jenis berkas PDF
Konsumsi daya (maks) 1W
Sumber daya Baterai
Teknologi baterai Nikel-Metal Hidrida (NiMH)
Daya tahan baterai (maks) 30j
Waktu isi ulang 10j
Dapat diisi ulang
Dioperasikan dengan baterai
Tegangan masukan AC 100-240V
Sistem pencukur Pencukur berputar
Sejumlah kepala pencukur/pisau 2
Model pengganti kepala pencukur SH30
Masa pengganti kepala pencukur 2
Warna produk Black, Red
Kepala melayang independen
Dapat dicuci
Indikator LED Pengisian daya
Isi kemasan
Sikat pembersih
Tutup pelindung
Fitur lainnya
Pisau asah-mandiri
Sistem aksi refleks