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dog ear
18AWG minimum - for distances up to ………………………. . 10 ft
16AWG - from ……………………………………………. 10 to 50 ft
14AWG - from …………………………………………… 50 to 100ft
- Where is the best place to install the speakers
- Where do the speakers sound the best
- Try to separate the speakers 6 - 10 feet apart.
- When placing the speakers in the ceiling, try to install them
so that the xed 15 angle woofer is pointed towards the main
listening area. (For LCR model only)
- If you intend to paint the grilles, try to do so before installation.
Quick installation guide
- Pencil
- Drill
- Tape Measure
- Wire cutter
- Philips-head screwdriver
- Sandpaper
Tools needed for installation
Tighten the dog-ear brackets by simply turning the screws on the
slowly clockwise. The quick-turn mounting system and frame will
"sandwich" or clamp around the wall to hold the speaker securely in
place. (See Diagram 4)
Trace along the inclusive template. Cut along the traced line using a
drywall saw or rotary drill. A simple, inexpensive drywall saw (about
$10 at your local hardware store) is the best choice for beginners.
Caution: This is the most important part of the entire installation.
If you are not certain whether any obstructions exist behind the
desired mounting area, you should start by cutting a small hole in
the center of your penciled mounting hole with a drywall saw. Use a
piece of sandpaper to sand down the cut out edge for a smoother
contour. (See Diagram 1 and Diagram 2)
Run the cable into the cut out location while leaving an extra two
feet to make the connection to the speaker easier. Strip back
approximately ½” inch of the speaker cable insulation and twist
the copper wires tightly for easy insertion.
On the back of the speaker, press down on the gold-plated
compression terminal to reveal the "eye" and insert the speaker
cable through the eye for secure connection. Release the compres-
sion terminal to lock each cable securely.
Your in-wall speakers come from the factory with the tweeter facing
response. However, you can adjust the tweeter to focus the sound at
your listening location. In order to do this, gently press on the grill (See
Diagram 3). Caution: Do not touch the tweeter dome while adjusting for
your hearing preference. (See Diagram 3)
Diagram 1:Cutout tracingDiagram 2:Cut Out
To determine the length and the gauge of speaker wire, you will need to
measure the distance between your receiver/amplifier and the speakers.
- Always buy more than you think you would need.
- Equal wire lengths should always be used to maintain an equal
balance in sound volume.
- Sound quality is lost when using thin wire gauge over a long
- Utility knife
- Safety eyewear
- Gloves
Diagram 3:Adjust the tweeter here- - - - - - - -
Diagram 4:
Mounting Dog Ear
Speaker wire- - - - - - - - - - ------------------Owner’s ManualIn-Wall Speakers



- Measure the distance from the receiver/amplifier to the speakers.


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Brand OSD Audio
Model MK840 | MK840
Produk Pengeras suara
EAN 0810281014128
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas Panduan pengguna (PDF)
Penggunaan yang direkomendasikan Universal
Pendukung Streaming Multi ruang (MRS) Tidak
Warna produk Putih
Pengeras suara
Jenis pengeras suara -
Saluran keluar audio 1.0 saluran
Penempatan pengeras suara Ceiling-mountable,In-wall/in-ceiling
Jumlah driver 1
Tweeter/pengeras suara frekuensi tinggi Ya
Woofer Ya
Diameter tweeter 1 "
Diameter woofer (imperial) 8 "
Diameter tweeter 25.4 mm
Diameter woofer 203.2 mm
Jumlah driver tweeter 1
Jumlah driver woofer 1
Amplifier Tidak
Tingkat daya RMS 175 W
Port & antarmuka
Teknologi konektivitas Berkabel
AirPlay Tidak
Isi kemasan
Panduan memulai cepat Ya
Fitur lainnya
Panduan Ya
Berat dan dimensi
Diameter 273.05 mm
Berat - g
Tinggi - mm
Lebar - mm
Panjang - mm
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