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In-line Microphone & Multifunction Button
Button (MFB)
Call-related Functions:
Music-related Functions*:
* May not be available for some devices. See your user manual for
specific functionality/features available.
Play or Pause song Press MFB once
Thank you for your NoiseHush i7 purchase.
The NoiseHush i7 blends comfort, performance and advanced
technology to counteract background noise while distinctly
enhancing audio quality; for a quieter traveling experience or
simply to enjoy a moment of serenity in your living room.
These sleekly designed, active noise-cancellation headphones
use full-spectrum circuitry to create a sound wave that
eectively reduces ambient noise, allowing you to listen to
music comfortably or making crystal clear phone calls without
distractions. A design so advanced, it even suppresses noise in
passive mode!
Each earpiece features a potent 40mm neodymium driver that
produces rich, deep, high-quality sound. The i7 headset features
supple genuine leather around-the-ear cups and a comfortable
memory foam t with a sound insulation layer, which you are
sure to appreciate as you immerse yourself in music.
Experience Near Absolute Silence!
Please take a moment to read this manual thoroughly, and keep
it for future reference. The user manual explains the features
and functions of your NoiseHush i7 to help ensure an optimal
user experience.
To learn more about the i7, or other NoiseHush products, please
Frequency: 30Hz-20kHz
Speaker Type: 40mm Neodymium
Cone Impedance: 32ohm
Power Output: 100mW
Noise Reduction: 20dB max
Sensitivity: 98±3dB
Frequency: 30Hz-20kHz
Audio Connection: Gold Plated
Cable Length: Detachable 5.9 feet
Weight: 175g
Battery Life: Up to 120hrs
Package Contents:
• Headphones
• Cable w/ In-line Microphone
• 1/4” Stereo Plug Adapter
• Airline Dual-plug Adapter
• Hard shell Case
Operating your NoiseHush i7:
Inserting Batteries:
For active noise cancelling you need two AAA alkaline batteries.
• Remove the left ear battery cover by sliding downwards and
insert the batteries as indicated in the battery compartment.
Adjusting the headband:
• In order to achieve maximum comfort and noise cancellation,
the headband should be adjusted to properly t your head
and the ear cups sit comfortably over your ears.
Connecting the headphones:
• Connect the headphones via the supplied audio cable to the
sound source. For optimum call quality, insert cable with
microphone closest to the headphones. When necessary, use
the 1/4” jack adapter for home audio or the airplane dual plug
adapter for the in-ight entertainment.
The headphones should be cleaned from time to time. Please use a
soft lint-free and moistened cloth. Never use alcohol or solvents.
Fold the ear cups inwards and place it into the carrying case. You
can store the accessories in the lid of the case.
Safety instructions:
• Always turn down the volume control before plugging the
headphones into a sound source.
• Do not use these headphones where vehicular traffic is present,
or in any other activity where a failure to hear surrounding
sounds could be dangerous.
• Maintenance and service operations are only to be carried out by
authorized dealers. Damage, caused by manual modications of
the product is not subject to warranty.
If this product is used for other purposes than originally intended,
the product may suer damage an will void the warranty.
• Long-term exposure to loud music may cause hearing damage. It
is best to avoid extreme volume when using these headphones,
especially for extended periods.
• Keep batteries out of reach of children.
Warranty Information:
NoiseHush warrants this product against defects in material and/or
workmanship under normal use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from
the date of purchase by the original purchaser.
To view our warranty policy or to submit a claim, please visit
Power indicator
Volume Level
• Adjust the volume at the headphones.
To power on the noise cancelling function, set the ON/OFF
switch to ON. The POWER indicator will light up.
Note: After you turn ON the power, you may hear a slight
hissing noise. This is a normal function and will seize after a
few seconds.
When the batteries are running low, the LED power indicator
will start ashing.
• Once the battery is fully drained, the active noise cancelling
feature will turn o, but the audio signal from the music
player will continue to transmit.
• In quiet environments where the noise cancelling is not
required, the i7 can also be used like conventional
headphones, without the use of batteries.
When not in use, switch off the POWER to extend battery life.
(Press X1)

Active Noise


Press MFB once to answer
Press MFB again to end
Hold MFB for 3 seconds
Press MFB once to answer
second call. Press MFB again
to switch back to first call.
Hold MFB for 3 seconds
Press MFB once
Answer a call
End a call
Ignore a call
Switch to an incoming call
and put current call on hold
Switch to an incoming call
and end the current call
Swap calls
AAA 1.5V
AAA 1.5V
Battery Cover

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