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cAP ac series

The cAP is a ceiling mountable wireless access point. It is already configured, you can simply plug in your ISP
cable and start using wireless Internet. We recommend you to set up a password to secure your device.
As with any MikroTik wireless access point, you can also manage it using the CAPsMAN wireless access point
management server. In this case, all configuration will be done in CAPsMAN. See Buttons and jumpers on how to
set this device as a managed CAP.


The device only accepts powering from the first ethernet port with PoE, so you must either use the included passive
PoE injector, or make sure your switch supports passive or 802.3af/at PoE output. The power consumption under
maximum load can reach 13W.


1. Connect your Internet cable to the first port.
2. Set your computer IP configuration to automatic (DHCP).
3. From your computer, connect to the wireless network name which starts with “MikroTik”.
4. Once connected to the wireless network, open http:// in your web browser to start
configuration, since there is no password by default, you will be logged in automatically. Set up your
password in the screen that loads. Please also specify your country, to comply with local regulations.


By default, the device is configured as a wireless access point, with the first ethernet port (Eth1) configured as a
DHCP client, and the second interface bridged together with the wireless interface. A DHCP server is configured on
the bridge interface.
RouterOS includes many configuration options in addition to what is described in this document. We suggest to
start here to get yourself accustomed to the possibilities:
In case IP connection is not available, the Winbox tool ( can be used to connect to the MAC
address of the device from the LAN side (all access is blocked from the internet port by default).
For recovery purposes, it is possible boot the device from network, see section Buttons and jumpers.

Extension slots and ports

Two ethernet ports that support automatic cross/straight cable correction (Auto MDI/X), so you can use
either straight or cross-over cables for connecting to other network devices. The Eth2 port is capable of
powering another RouterBOARD device with passive PoE (up to 57 V). The maximum output current is
500mA when using less than 30V to power this device and 400mA when using more than 30V.
Integrated wireless module which supports AP/CPE/P2P/repeater modes.
See for more information or contact Document #34673. Modified on 13-Apr-18

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cAP ac | CAP AC
Access Point
2505021811546, 5704174116684
Panduan pengguna (PDF)
Jenis produk-
Warna produkPutih
Warna produkPutih
Prosesor terpasangYa
Frekuensi Prosesor716 MHz
Inti prosesor4
Model prosesorQualcomm Atheros IPQ4018
Standar jaringanIEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at
Kecepatan data LAN ethernet10,100,1000 Mbit/d
Kecepatan transfer data maks54 Mbit/d
5 GHzYa
Port & antarmuka
Slot kartu memoriTidak
Port USBTidak
Soket LAN ethernet (RJ-45)2
Soket LAN ethernet (RJ-45)2
Tipe sumber dayaAC
Konsumsi daya (rata-rata)13 W
Dukungan Power over Ethernet (PoE)Ya
Dukungan Power over Ethernet (PoE)Ya
Konsumsi daya (maks)13 W
Tegangan masukan AC17 - 57 V
Data pemaketan
Panjang kemasan145 mm
Lebar kemasan145 mm
Tinggi kemasan30 mm
Panjang kemasan145 mm
Lebar kemasan145 mm
Tinggi kemasan30 mm
Koneksi WAN
Ethernet WANTidak
Slot kartu SIMTidak
Kompatibilitas modem USD 3G/4GTidak
Fitur wireless LAN
Wi-Fi bandDual-band (2,4 ghz / 5 ghz)
Standar Wi-Fi802.11a, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), 802.11b, 802.11g, Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Standar Wi-FiWi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Kecepatan transfer data WLAN (maks)54 Mbit/d
Jaringan seluler
Standar jaringanIEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at
Ethernet LANYa
Jenis antarmuka LAN ethernetGigabit Ethernet
Kecepatan data LAN ethernet10,100,1000 Mbit/d
Desain antenaInternal
Tingkat gain antena (maks)2.5 dBi
Tipe antenaInternal
Tingkat gain antena (maks)2.5 dBi
Isi kemasan
Adaptor AC disertakanYa
Adaptor AC disertakanYa
Memori internal128 MB
Memori flash16 MB
Sistem operasi yang terpasangRouterOS
Prosesor terpasangYa
Algoritme keamanan-
Operational conditions
Suhu pengoperasian (T-T)-40 - 50 °C
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