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petunjukMidea 1025F0A
Part NO. 20170904
Bottom energy feed.
Full power only for simple operation.
EZ Grab’n Go door handle for reliable use, no moving parts.
Easy to control with 6 minute electronic dial timer with “AutoReset” feature.
Able to withstand the demands of the Commercial Food Service
environment with stainless steel cabinet and oven cavity.
Capacity (0.9 cu.ft / 25 L), accommodates a 12’’ platter.
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Model 1025F0A

5 Sylvan Way Parsippany, New Jersey 07054, U.S.A. 201-220-2171

Light Duty

Commercial Microwave Oven

Ofce Coffee Service
On door menu guide for frequently used items and reference.
Chef/Test Kitchen Support.
Oven cavity light to monitor cooking status without opening the door.
1000 Watts of Cooking power.

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