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Finecam M410R Kyocera
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Introduction Getting Ready
Taking Pictures
Playback Set Up
Contents (Top page) Detailed Contents Index Nomenclature Menus and Settings Troubleshooting



Be sure to read this chapter the first time you
use your camera.



This chapter explains what you have to do to get
the camera ready for taking pictures.



This chapter describes how to take still images
and shoot movies.


This chapter describes how to view your images.

Set Up

This chapter describes the other camera settings
that are not related to taking pictures or viewing


Refer to this chapter when there is a problem.

Glossary of


Refer to this chapter when you encounter a word
that you do not understand.



This provides a detailed contents list for the entire
In this manual, the digital camera is referred to simply as "the camera". Also, SD memory
cards and MultiMedia cards are referred to generically as "memory cards".
A Important
This indicates important information that must always be observed
when using the camera.
B Note
These provide supplementary explanations or references to further
information on the same topic.

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