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Wireless RF Presenter

I. Instruction of Smart Pointer
It consists of laser pointer, wireless mouse, and wireless keyboard. It is designed as a handy-tool for
presentation, teaching, meeting, speech, training that associated with computer applications.
Package Contents :
- Remote control
- USB receiver
- USB extension cable
Setup :
Plug the receiver to the USB port of PC. The system will automatically search for the suitable driver,
please follow the instruction when prompted.

keep the area in front of the receiver.

if the USB port is at the rear of PC, use the extension cable provided to reposition it.

II. Function :
A) When the switch is put on “KEYBOARD”, it functions as a wireless keyboard as below :

Laser key: press to generate red laser light.

Page up Key : as the Page Up in ordinary keyboard.

Page down Key : as the Page Down in ordinary keyboard.

Start : press “Key and generate start function of computer.
Blank screen : press “ “ Key to blank screen ( Press again to return to show status ).
Start slide show : press “< ” Key to start the slide show through shortcut after you open one
file under PowerPoint.
Escape : press “> “ Key to make escape function on computer.
B).When you select the switch on “MOUSE”, it functions as a wireless mouse as below:

Laser Key : press to generate red laser light.

Mouse Left Click: press “LEFT” key.

Mouse Right Click: press “RIGHT” key.

Mouse Pointer up : press “Key.
Mouse Pointer down : press ““ Key.

Mouse Pointer left : press “<” Key.

Mouse Pointer right : press “>“ Key.

( Tip: hold down the arrow keys to faster the cursor move speed .)
III. Technical Parameters:
Class Class
Control distance
20m 20m
Laser distance
200m 400m
Battery AAA x 2pcs AAA x 2pcs
Working voltage 2.4-3.5V 2.4-3.5V
Sleep current 1uA 1uA
Wavelength 650nm 650nm
Max output
1mW 5mW
Class Class Class
Dimension 11.9x3.1x1.7cm 11.9x3.1x1.7cm
Weight 58g 58g
System Windows 98, SE, Me, 2000, XP, Mac OS, Linux
Compatible plug USB1.1, USB2.0
Working voltage 4.5-5.5V
Dimension 7.35x2.7x1.7cm
Weight 16g




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Presenter nirkabel
Panduan pengguna (PDF)
Teknologi jaringan nirkabelRF
Jumlah baterai yang didukung2
Jenis bateraiAAA
Fungsi pemandu presentasiRemote control
Jumlah tombol-
Warna produkGrey,Silver
Persyaratan sistem
Dukungan sistem operasi WindowsWindows 2000,Windows 98,Windows ME,Windows XP Home,Windows XP Home x64,Windows XP Professional x64
Dukungan sistem operasi MacYa
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