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Colossus 2

Professional HD Video Recorder
for cable TV and satellite boxes, plus
video game consoles
Quick Installation Guide
©2015 Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. QI-Colossus2_v1.0_ENG March 8, 2015
Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. Telephone:631-434-1600
91 Cabot Court, Hauppauge, NY 11788 Tech Support:631-434-3197
Web site: Hours: M-F 9:00AM to 6:30PM EST
Internet addresses: Sales: Tech Support:
Included in the Colossus 2 box:
Colossus 2 H.264 high definition video recorder, PCI Express
Hauppauge A/V adapter cable, for Component video
HDMI video cable 2 meter
IR Receive/Blaster cable to control the channel changing on your cable TV or satellite set top box
HD PVR 2 Installation CD for Windows plus WinTV v7 and Hauppauge Capture. This CD also is for
the Colossus 2
Colossus 2 Installation Guide (this guide)
Set up and using the WinTV v7 application guide (also used for the WinTV v8 application)
The Hauppauge Colossus 2 is an internal PCI Express board for desktop PCs, and records video
in HD from a cable or satellite set top box, PC video (through the PC’s HDMI video output port) or avideo game console such as the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and other HDMI equiped game consoles.Colossus 2 is essentially the HD PVR 2 model 1512 on an internal PCI Express board.There are two video recording applications which come with Colossus 2:- WinTV v8 is used to schedule TV recordings from a set top box- Hauppauge Capture was designed to record video from game consoles and has a convenientone-click upload to YouTube. But many users find this easy to use recording application handyfor recording video from cable and satellite set top boxes
Colossus 2 recordings are made onto a computer’s hard drive in a compressed H.264 format. It
records from HDMI or Component Video (also called YPrPb). You can also record S-Video or com-posite video using and optional A/V cable (you can purchase this on the Hauppauge Webstore). Itwill record at 1080p30, 720p or 480p at datarates from 1Mbit/sec up to 13.5Mbits/sec. UsingVariable Bit Rate encoding, datarates will range up to 21 Mbits/sec when there is fast motion.
ote: if you are recording from a cable or satellite box or a PS3, you will use Component
Video. Most set top boxes and the PS3 do not allow recording from the HDMI port.
Audio can be supplied to the Colossus 2 from stereo audio connectors on the Hauppauge AVcable, optical audio cable or HDMI. Colossus 2 comes bundled with the WinTV v8 and
Hauppauge Capture applications to record videos. There are three types of recording formats:
TS: this is a native H.264 format used by WinTV v8 and Hauppauge Capture. TS files are often used to
burn Blu-ray discs. The TS files recorded with the HD PVR 2 can be edited with Sony Vegas (all ver-
M2TS: a popular format used by many video editors
MP4: this is similar to the TS file but has an index at the beginning of the file.
Installing Colossus 2Step 1. Install the Colossus 2 board in your PC
Turn the power off on your PC. Install Colossus 2 into a PCI
Express X1 or X16 slot. Turn the power on to your PC.
Step 2: Connect the Colossus 2 cables.HDMI video input
You can connect the HDMI output of some cable TV or satellite
boxes and game consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One into
Colossus 2. Colossus 2 supports HDMI sources up to 1080p60,
though the maximum record resolution is 1080p30.
The HDMI video source needs to be un-encrypted. If you try to view
or record encrypted video sources, you will get a black screen.
Component video input (YCrCb or YPrPb)
Plug the Hauppauge A/V adapter cable into A/V input on the
back of Colossus 2. Then connect the Component video cable
from your game console or cable TV or satellite set top box into the
Hauppauge A/V cable set.
HDMI Output (no delay pass through video)
The HDMI output can support TV monitors up to 1080p60.
Connecting Colossus 2 to a cable TV or satellite set top box
There are three ways to connect to the Colossus 2 from your cable TV or satellite TV set top box:
a) you can connect using HDMI, though some cable TV and satellite set top boxes encrypt the HDMI
output from their box. If you get a black screen on WinTV or Hauppauge Capture using HDMI, then it
is likely your set top box is encrypting the HDMI output.
b) you can connect the Component video (YCrCb or YPrPb) output from your set top box to the
A/V adapter cable located on the rear of the Colossus. The Component video colors are normally
c) you can connect the Composite video output of your set top box (normally the yellow RCA con-
nector on a set top box) to the Blue connector on the A/V cable set.
Audio connections
If you are using an HDMI cable from your video source, audio is carried along with video on the HDMI
If you are using Component or composite video, then you can connect audio from either the RCA audio
input (Red/White connectors) on the A/V cable set or the Optical audio input connector
Step 3: Install the Colossus 2 Windows driver and applications
Turn on your PC, and boot into Windows.
If a 'Found New Hardware' wizard appears, please cancel it. Allow windows to load before proceeding.
Insert the HD PVR 2 Installation CD-ROM in your PC’s CD-ROM drive. This CD is used with
both the Colossus 2 and the HD PVR 2.
ote: if the CD does notautorun, navigate to the CDand run the 'Setup.exe' file.The Hauppauge Installation CD win-dow will appear on the screen. Choosea language.Step 1: Check your cables: ClickCheck cable connectionsStep 2: Install Hauppauge Capture: This step installs the Windows driver forColossus 2, the WinTV v8 and theHauppauge Capture applications.Click Step 2. Click Next. The Colossus 2 Windows driver will be installed first.
Next, the Colossus 2 applications will be installed. The WinTV v8 application includes a TV sched-
uler which allows you to record TV programs from a cable or satellite set top box. The Hauppauge
Capture application is for recording and uploading the rcordings to YouTube.
Once comp lete, you will be asked to restart your PC. Please do so.
ote: the latest driver updates are available at: in theSupport section under HD PVR 2. Step 4: Install the IR Blaster cable(optional - for use with a cable TV or satellite receiver box)
ote: information on the installation of the IR blaster can also be found in
Set up and using the WinTV v7 application guide (included with Colossus 2).
Plug in the IR Receive/Blaster cable
Plug the jack at the end of the IR Blaster cable into the IR receiver jack on the Colossus 2.
Install the IR transmitter (blaster) at your set top box
Attach the end of the IR transmitter over the remote sensor on the set top box to be controlled. Placement
of the IR transmitter is important! The IR transmitter only works over a 1 inch distance, so you need to
make sure it is placed over the remote sensor in your set top box. Some set top boxes have the position of
the remote receiver indicated on the plastic front of the set top box. With others, you might need to look
carefully at the set top box for what looks like a round or square area underneath the plastic front panel.
There is double sided tape on the back of the IR transmitter to hold it in place over the remote sensor in
your set top box.
You will configure the IR Blaster for your set top box in the Set up and using the WinTV v7 appli-
cation guide.Using WinTV v8 to record TV programs from your set top box
You will find information on the setup and use of WinTV v8 in the Set up and using the WinTV v7
application guide (included in the Colossus 2 package).
Using Hauppauge CaptureAfter restarting your PC, you will see the Hauppauge Capture icon on yourWindows desktop. Click this icon to start Hauppauge Capture.For more information on Hauppauge Capture, how-to videos and the latest ver-sion of Hauppauge Capture, please look here:
Page 1 Page 2Page 3Page 5Page 6
to record videos
to trim videos
to upload videos
for video streaming
Preview window:
when you have chosen your video source, you
should see your video here
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Panduan pengguna (PDF)
Format berkas
Format kompresi videoH.264
Format audio yang didukungAC3
Format audio impor yang didukungCBR
Sistem format sinyal analogNTSC, PAL
Modus video yang didukung480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Kecepatan merekam video (PAL)50 fpd
Kecepatan merekam video (NTSC)60 fpd
Port & antarmuka
Jumlah port HDMI2
Komponen video (YPbPr/ YCbCr) masuk1
Suara dari Headphone0
Audio (L, R) masuk0
HDMI masuk1
Jumlah output HDMI1
Saluran masuk optik audio digital1
Berat dan dimensi
Berat589.67 g
Tinggi83.9 mm
Lebar202.0062 mm
Panjang195.98 mm
Isi kemasan
Remote kontrol genggamYa
CD softwareYa
Antarmuka hostPCIe
Menangkap dariCable TV, PC
Perangkat lunak
Dukungan sistem operasi WindowsWindows 10 Education, Windows 10 Education x64, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise x64, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Home x64, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro x64, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise x64, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Starter x64, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 Enterprise x64, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Pro x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Business x64, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Enterprise x64, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Basic x64, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Premium x64, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Ultimate x64, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Home x64, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Professional x64
Perangkat lunak yang disertakanHauppauge Capture, Hauppauge WinTV v7
Persyaratan sistem
Prosesor minimal3.0GHz single-core or 2.0GHz multi-core processor
RAM minimal1000 MB
Ruang kosong harddisk minimal0.22 GB
Persyaratan sistem minimalCD-ROM drive, PCI Express slot, Graphics card with 256MB vRAM, Sound card
Data logistik
Kode Sistem Harmonisasi (HS)85176990
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