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Quick Start Guide

Service & support

If you have any problems with your device, you can make use of our
telephone support.
For expert advice, help with getting started or configuration:
0900 132 55 00 (0.89 EUR/min. from a German landline, mobile phone
prices may differ.)
For questions about the guarantee and warranty:
01805 32 55 46 (0.14 EUR/min. from a German landline, mobile phone
prices may differ [max. 0.42 EUR/min.])
Switzerland: 0848 20 12 12 (0.11 SFR/min.)
Austria: 0820 20 12 12 (0.15 EUR/min.)
Do not place the device
onto the dashboard
Do not install the device
where it may restrict the
driver’s field of vision.
Do not mount the device on
airbag covers.
Do not mount the device
where airbags may deploy.

Device description

To supply your device with power as you are travelling along, insert
the small connector of the car charger cable which is also supplied
with the product into the micro USB port (5) of the device and the large
connector into your car‘s cigarette lighter.
To secure the holding bracket, place the suction cup on
the disc and press the lever on the holding bracket towards
the disc.
To release the holding bracket, pull the lever back towards you
and pull on the small rubber tab.



With some devices (refer to
packaging), the power may
also be supplied to the device
via the back of the holding
A – Info line: Name (or number) of the next street
B – Status symbols: Profile, compass, GPS reception, battery,
speed camera detector (optional)
C Route to be travelled (thick blue line)
D – Map
E TMC status:
grey = no reception;
green = no hold-ups;
yellow = warning of traffic on the calculated route;
red = traffic hold-up or hazard on the calculated route
F Rapid access menu: rapid access to certain functions
G – Info box: By tapping on it you can select which figures
should be displayed here
H – Current position

Navigation view

I Info box: By tapping on it you can select which figures
should be displayed here
J Volume
K Menu button: switches to the menu
L Manoeuvre arrow: shows the next manoeuvre
M – Speed warner: if activated, the current maximum speed limit
is displayed. If it is exceeded, your current speed appears below it.
N Zoom button: Activates the zoom function. You can use the
+/- buttons to zoom in and out of the map extract which is shown.
If you tap on the bird, the bird‘s-eye perspective of the entire route
is displayed.
5 6

Important information

Please note the safety instructions on using the device provided in
the detailed user manual!
You can find the detailed user manual on the internet at under „Service > Manuals“.
The „Falk Navi-Manager“ PC-software for managing your data and
updating your device is available for you to download free of charge
at under „Service > Navi-Manager“
(Requires PC with WinXP
/ Vista
/ 7 and Internet access).
Caution: If your device stops responding and cannot be operated,
hold down the On/Off switch for 5 seconds. The device will switch
itself off. Press the On/Off switch again to restart the device.

First use

Press the On/Off button (2) in order to start the device. When starting
the device the first time, you will be prompted to carry out the basic

Destination entry

In the main menu, press „Destination entry > Address“.
When you press on the country flag at the top of the display, you can
choose the country of destination.
Firstly, you can type in the place name or alternatively press
type in the post code.
Press „Next“ in order to type in the street name and house number.
When you do not want to type in a certain street name, but rather want
to head for a place or a city, you can press „City centre“. Also, you can
press on „Street centre“ when prompted to type in the house number.
After typing in street name and house number, press „Calculate“ in
order to start the route calculation.
Note: In order to type in mutated vowels or additional characters (e.g.
„Ä“), long press the respective basic letter (e.g. „A“). After typing in
the letter, all letters which become unneeded will disappear. When you
, a list with possible place or street names will be displayed.
With the
button you can view the destination on the map.
1. Screen: Displays the Falk Navigator software. By tapping on it you
can select menu commands or enter information.
Caution: Do not touch the display with angled or sharp objects to
prevent damage.
2. On/Off switch:
Switches the device on. If you activate the On/Off switch during use,
the device switches to stand-by. The current navigation is retained.
If you press it again, the device is ready for use again straight away.
Pressing it for 5 seconds will switch the device off completely.
3. Loudspeaker: Issues spoken instructions and warnings.
4. Magnet: Magnet for fixing the device in the holding bracket.
5. Micro USB port: Port for the USB cable for connecting to a PC
or for connecting the car charger cable.
Note: TMC messages are also received via the car charger cable.
6. Micro SD slot: Slot for receiving a micro SD card with a max.
memory capacity of 32 GB.
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