Hard Case Pro 2AA Energizer

Petunjuk Hard Case Pro 2AA Energizer

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    Before Using Your Flashlight:
    Please read all instructions and cautionary
    markings on the package and light
    Important Notice
    This datasheet contains information specific to
    products manufactured at the time of its publication
    Contents herein do not constitute a claim or
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    Form No. EBC 9140EUB
    Tested according to ANSI/NEMA FL 1 Standards.
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    Hard Case Pro 2AA
    The Toughest Flashlight You’ll Ever Need.
    Perfect for close-up jobs, the Energizer®
    Hard Case Professional® 2AA is always at
    hand and ready to perform. The compact
    size makes the light easy to carry and
    store. An anti-roll design combined with
    rugged ABS plastic and rubber over mold
    greatly reduces the potential for damage
    to the internal components. A shatterproof
    lens protects the LED from harsh
    environments. In addition, this light keeps
    your cost of ownership low with an
    impressive 50-hour run time on low beam.
    White LED deliver 250
    lumens of light on high
    setting, 30 on low
    LED bulb provides bright
    white light for tough
    Useable light for 50
    hours in low mode
    between battery
    changes (with
    batteries), 89 hours in
    low mode using
    Lithium batteries
    Lifetime LEDs never
    need replacing
    Meets IEC 60529 IPX4
    Continues to operate
    after exposure to
    splashing water from all
    Durable light survives
    drops up to 7 meters
    Shatterproof lens
    protects LED from
    EMEA Region
    EMEA Region
    Product Detail:
    Designation: Energizer
    Hardcase Professional 2AA 1 LED
    SAP: 639618
    Colour: Black and Grey
    Power Source: Two "AA"
    IEC: LR6
    Lamp: One W hite LED
    Lamp Life (hr): Lifetime
    Lamp Output (lumens): High- 250 Low- 30
    Beam Distance (m): 105
    Peak Beam Intensity (cd): 5240
    Run Time (h:mm): E91: High- 5:00, Low- 50:00
    L91: High- 15:00, Low- 89:00
    Durability: Survives a 7-meter drop
    Typical Weight: 101 grams
    without batteries
    Dimensions (mm): 169 x 40
    E91 High L91 High E91 Low L91 Low
    On Time (hours)
    Run Time
    Continuous Drain to
    End of Useable Light (21
Hard Case Pro 2AA Energizer

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Energizer
Model Hard Case Pro 2AA
Produk Senter
EAN 7638900287424
Bahasa Engels
Jenis berkas PDF
Jenis lampu senter Senter tangan
Tahan air Ya
Tahan cipratan Ya
Warna produk Black,Grey,Orange
Bahan Kerangka Mesin -
Tombol on/off Ya
International Protection (IP) code IPX4
Tahan goncangan Ya
Tahan goncangan hingga 7 m
Tipe lampu LED
Jumlah lampu 1 lampu
Jarak sorotan cahaya (maks) 115 m
Jumlah tingkat daya -
Output cahaya (min) 45 lm
Output cahaya (maks) 300 lm
Tingkat cahaya 5240 cd
Jarak sorotan cahaya (min) 47 m
Jumlah baterai yang didukung 2
Jenis baterai AA
Daya tahan baterai (maks) 65 j
Daya tahan baterai 6.3 j
Berat dan dimensi
Panjang 169 mm
Lebar 40 mm
Berat 101 g
Data pemaketan
Kuantitas per paket 1 buah
Jenis kemasan Melepuh
Isi kemasan
Baterai disertakan Ya
Jumlah baterai yang disertakan 2 buah


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