CX-CD248 Coby

Petunjuk CX-CD248 Coby

  • Please read instruction manual before use.
    Portable AM/FM Radio, Cassette Recorder and CD Player
    MODEL NO: CX-CD248
    Please read and follow the instruction manual carefully be-
    fore operating in order to avoid any damage to the unit.
    1.By using AC power
    Insert one end of the AC power cord into the AC socket
    on the rear of the unit and the other end into a standard
    wall socket.
    2.By using batteries
    Insert 8x"D"size batteries (not included) in the battery
    compartment in the back of the unit by matching the
    The unit will not operate on battery power when
    the AC power cord is plugged into the AC socket.
    Replace batteries when the power indicator dims,
    the volume decreases or the sound distorts.
    Use batteries of high quality and check them
    regularly. Alkaline batteries are recommended.
    Do not mix new batteries with old or used batteries.
    Use only batteries of the same brand and type
    Batteries should not be left in the unit if they
    are exhausted or if the unit is not to be used
    for a long period of time as they may leak and
    damage the unit. Battery leakage is not covered
    under the warranty.
    Always operate the product from a power supply
    of the same voltage, frequency and rating as indicated
    on the product identification plate.
    Do not operate product with a damaged cord or plug.
    Never install the unit where there are heat sources such
    as radiators, heat registers, stoves, direct sunlight,
    excessive dust or where there is mechanical vibration
    or shock. Switch off and unplug from AC outlet when not
    in use.
    Only compact discs identified with this
    mark can be used with this player.
    The CD mechanism and the sensitive circuitry may
    cause interference to a radio tuner nearby. Do not
    operate this unit while operating other radio devices.
    Danger This product utilizes invisible laser
    radiation. Avoid direct exposure
    to the beam.
    Caution Use of controls, adjustments or procedures
    not listed in this manual may result in hazardous
    radiation exposure.
    Handle your unit with care to extend the life of the unit.
    Use a soft and clean cloth damped with plain lukewarm water
    to clean the exterior of the unit.
    Never use solvents such as benzene or other strong chemical
    cleaners since these could damage your unit.
    It is important that no liquid reaches the inside of the unit.
    Do not touch the CD laser part or look directly at it.
    6.CD Compartment
    1.Volume Control
    2.Function Selector
    3.CD Display
    4.CD Operation Buttons
    5.Cassette Compartment
    7.Band Selector
    8.Tuning Control
    9.Cassette Operation Buttons
    10.CD Compartment Open/Close Button
    11.Tuning Indicator Window
    12.Telescopic Antenna
    8 1076
CX-CD248 Coby

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Coby
Model CX-CD248
Produk Pemutar CD
EAN 840356399409
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Pengeras suara
Pengeras suara terpasang
Tipe media
Pemutar CD-R
Tape recorder
Jenis perangkat Pemutar CD portabel
Dek kaset
Tipe pemuatan disk Atas
Warna produk Perak
Layar tampilan LCD
Port & antarmuka
Konektivitas headphone 3, 5 mm
Jenis baterai D
Jumlah baterai yang didukung 8
Fitur lainnya
Dimensi (PxLxT) 373.8 x 172.9 x 195mm
Tipe antena Teleskopis

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