RSMA280 Chief

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    Milestone AV Technologies, and its affiliated corporations and subsidiaries (collectively, "Milestone"), intend to make this manual accurate and complete. However, Milestone makes
    no claim that the information contained herein covers all details, conditions or variations, nor does it provide for every possible contingency in connection with the installation or use
    of this product. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice or obligation of any kind. Milestone makes no representation of warranty, expressed or
    implied, regarding the information contained herein. Milestone assumes no responsibility for accuracy, completeness or sufficiency of the information contained in this document.
    Chief Manufacturing, a products division of Milestone AV Technologies
    8401 Eagle Creek Parkway, Savage, MN 55378
    • P: 800.582.6480 / 952.894.6280 • F:877.894.6918 / 952.894.6918
    8802-002087 Rev01
    ©2011 Milestone AV Technologies,
    a Duchossois Group Company
    **Only used when installing SLB/SSB interface brackets.
    NOTE: Specific to SSB-style and SSM-style interface bracket installation: All appropriate screws come pre-installed in the circled locations
    above. DO NOT attempt to substitute and USE ONLY this pre-installed hardware for SSB-style and SSM-style interface bracket
    SSB-280, SSM-280, SLB-280 and SLM-280 Interface Brackets
    SSB-280, SSM-280, SLB-280 and SLM-280 Interface Brackets are designed for use with Chief® Series Projector Mounts. See the specific
    installation instructions provided with the mount for additional installation information.
    Unpack carton and verify kit contents. If any listed parts are missing, immediately contact a Chief Customer Service representative.
    DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT! DO NOT substitute hardware. Use only hardware supplied by manufacturer!
    Installation Instructions
    DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT! DO NOT over tighten screws when installing interface brackets.
    NOTE: Step 1 is only required when installing an SLB/SSB interface bracket. If an SLM/SSM bracket is being installed, proceed to step 2.
    1. Screw thumb screws onto 10-24 x 5/8" Phillips pan head screws. DO NOT fully tighten thumb screws at this time.
    2. Turn projector upside down on a flat surface.
    3. Place spacers onto the bottom of the projector, aligning the spacers with the threaded inserts in the projector.
    4. Place the interface bracket onto the spacers, aligning the mounting holes in the bracket with the spacers and threaded inserts in the bottom
    of the projector and ensuring that triangle in bracket points towards front of projector.
    5. Position M4 x 25mm mounting screws (OR four M5 x 25mm mounting screws) with four M4 (OR four M5) flat washers into the bracket
    mounting holes and threaded inserts. Tighten all fasteners at this time, securing the bracket to the projector.
    NOTE: Security screws can be substituted when mounting Interface bracket to projector by using the parts and installation instructions in the
    All-Points Security Kit.
    Chief® is a registered trademark of Milestone AV Technologies. All rights reserved.
    (1) Interface Bracket (4) Screw, Phillips Pan Head, Machine, M4 x 25mm*
    (4) 10-24 Thumb Nuts ** (4) Screw, Phillips Pan Head, Machine, M5 x 25mm*
    (1) All-Points Security Kit (4) Washer, M4*
    (1) 5/32" Security Hex Key (4) Washer, M5*
    (4) Spacer, .500 x .316 x .500
    * Verify correct size screw and washer needed to install bracket.
    Note: SSB-style interface bracket connections are circled.
    Note: SSM-style interface bracket connections are circled.
    Towards front
    of projector
    Towards front
    of projector
RSMA280 Chief

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