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Getting Acquainted

Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch. To get the most out of yourpurchase, be sure to read this manual carefully.ApplicationsThe built-in sensors of this watch measure direction and temperature. Measuredvalues are then shown on the display. Such features make this watch useful whenhiking, mountain climbing, or when engaging in other such outdoor activities.Warning!The measurement functions built into this watch are not intended for use in takingmeasurements that require professional or industrial precision. Values producedby this watch should be considered as reasonably accurate representations only.When engaging in mountain climbing or other activities in which losing your waycan create a dangerous or life-threatening situation, always be sure to use asecond compass to confirm direction readings.Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. assumes no responsibility for anydamage or loss suffered by you or any third party arising through the use of thisproduct or its malfunction.About This ManualDepending on the model of your watch, display textappears either as dark figures on a light background orlight figures on a dark background. All sample displaysin this manual are shown using dark figures on a lightbackground.Button operations are indicated using the letters shownin the illustration.Each section of this manual provides you with theinformation you need to perform operations in eachmode. Further details and technical information can befound in the “Reference” section.
General Guide
The illustration below shows which buttons you need to press to navigate between
In any mode (except when a setting screen is on the display), press B to illuminate
the display.
You can enter the Digital Compass/Thermometer Mode from the Timekeeping Mode
by pressing D. To enter from another mode, first use C to enter the Timekeeping
Mode, and then press D.
Stopwatch Mode
World Time Mode
Countdown Timer
Alarm Mode
Press C.
Timekeeping Mode
Digital Compass/
Thermometer Mode
Press D.
Press C.
Use the Timekeeping Mode to set and view the current
time and date.
Read This Before You Set the Time and Date!
This watch is preset with a number of city codes, each of
which represents the time zone where that city is located.
When setting the time, it is important that you first select
the correct city code for your Home City (the city where
you normally use the watch). If your location is not
included in the preset city codes, select the preset city
code that is in the same time zone as your location.
Note that all of the times for the World Time Mode city
codes are displayed in accordance with the time and
date settings you configure in the Timekeeping Mode.
Day of week
Month – Day
Hour : Minutes
To set the time and date
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the city code starts to flash, which
indicates the setting screen.
2. Use D and B to select the city code you want.
Make sure you select your Home City code before changing any other setting.
For full information on city codes, see the “City Code Table”.
3. Press C to move the flashing in the sequence shown below to select the other
City Code
The following steps explain how to configure timekeeping settings only.
4. When the timekeeping setting you want to change is flashing, use D and/or B to
change it as described below.
To do this:
Change the city code
Toggle between Daylight Saving Time
) and Standard Time ( ).
Toggle between 12-hour (
) and
24-hour (
) timekeeping.
Reset the seconds to
Change the hour or minute
Do this:
Use D (east) and B
Press D.
Press D.
Press D.
Use D (+) and B (–).
5. Press A to exit the setting screen.
For details about configuring temperature display settings, see “To specify the
temperature display unit”.
See “Daylight Saving Time (DST) Setting” below for details about the DST setting.
Use D (+) and B (–).Change the year
Change the month or day
Daylight Saving Time (DST) Setting
Daylight Saving Time (summer time) advances the time setting by one hour from
Standard Time. Remember that not all countries or even local areas use Daylight
Saving Time.
To toggle the Timekeeping Mode time between DST and Standard Time
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the city
code starts to flash, which indicates the setting screen.
2. Press C once and the DST setting screen appears.
3. Press D to toggle between Daylight Saving Time (
displayed) and Standard Time (OFF displayed).
4. Press A to exit the setting screen.
The DST indicator appears to indicate that Daylight
Saving Time is turned on.
DST indicator
On/Off status
Digital Compass/Thermometer
You can take direction readings and temperature readings in the Digital Compass/
Thermometer Mode.
Direction readings are taken by the watch’s built-in magnetic bearing sensor and
displayed as one of 16 directions. A temperature sensor is used for temperature
See “Digital Compass” for more information about the digital compass.
See “Thermometer” for more information about the thermometer.
To enter and exit the Digital Compass/Thermometer Mode
1. While in the Timekeeping Mode, press D to enter the
Digital Compass/Thermometer Mode.
The watch will start to take direction and temperature
readings. After about two seconds, the direction that
the 12 o’clock position of the watch is facing will be
indicated and the current temperature reading will
appear on the display.
Direction readings will be taken each second for about
10 seconds, and then stop automatically.
Temperature readings will be taken every two
seconds for about 10 seconds, and then stop
To perform direction and temperature readings for
another 10 seconds, press D again.
2. Press C to return to the Timekeeping Mode.
For information about using the digital compass, see “To
take a direction reading”.
For information about using the thermometer, see “To
take a temperature reading”.
12 o’clock position
Current time
During readings
About two
The watch takes temperature readings automatically whenever you enter the Digital
Compass/Thermometer Mode. In addition, you can take readings manually by
performing the procedure below.
You can calibrate the temperature sensor if you think readings are wrong for some
You can select either Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F) as the temperature unit.

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Apakah Anda memiliki pertanyaan tentang Twin Sensor SGW100-1V Casio?

Apakah Anda memiliki pertanyaan tentang Casio dan jawabannya tidak ada di manual? Ajukan pertanyaan Anda di sini. Berikan deskripsi yang jelas dan komprehensif tentang masalah dan pertanyaan Anda. Makin jelas masalah dan pertanyaan Anda, makin mudah bagi pemilik Casio lainnya untuk menyediakan jawaban yang terbaik.

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Jam tangan olahraga Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V memiliki berbagai spesifikasi fitur yang dapat diandalkan. Jam tangan ini tidak tahan air, tetapi memiliki kalender, mode jam 12 jam / 24 jam, stopwatch, fungsi waktu dunia, dan termometer. Dimensi produk adalah 51,5 x 47,6 x 13,2 mm dengan berat hanya 55 g dan band terbuat dari resin. Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V menggunakan baterai jenis CR2025 dan dapat digunakan hingga kedalaman 200m dalam air. Selain itu, produk ini juga dilengkapi dengan kompas elektronik dan layar dial LCD. Produk Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V dirancang sebagai jam tangan olahraga yang dapat dipercaya dan tahan lama. Dalam hal konstruksi, produk ini terbuat dari bahan premium yang meningkatkan kualitas keseluruhan. Fitur-fiturnya memberikan kemampuan olahraga yang prima dan terpercaya kepada penggunanya. Meski tidak tahan air, Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V tetap menjadi pilihan bijak untuk para atlet yang mencari produk andal dengan harga terjangkau. Dalam kesimpulannya, Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V adalah produk jam tangan olahraga yang sangat berharga. Walau memiliki kekurangan dalam kemampuan tahan airnya, fitur-fitur yang mumpuni membuat Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V menjadi pilihan yang pantas bagi para atlet yang mencari sesuatu yang dapat diandalkan dan tahan lama.

Twin Sensor SGW100-1V | SGW100-1V
jam tangan olahraga
370309020765, 79767898441, 797678984410, 0370309020765, 0797678984410
Panduan pengguna (PDF)
Detail teknis
Tahan airTidak
Modus jam12j/24j
Akurasi+/- 20 detik/bulan
Fungsi jam duniaYa
Kedalaman tahan air200 m
Pengukur waktu1min - 24h
Kompas elektronikYa
Tipe angka jam tanganKenop LCD
Fitur lainnya
Dimensi (PxLxT)51.5 x 47.6 x 13.2 mm
Warna produkHitam
Berat dan dimensi
Berat55 g
Bahan tali/gelangDamar
Jenis bateraiCR2025
Tampilkan lebih banyak

Tidak dapat menemukan jawaban atas pertanyaan Anda di manual? Anda dapat menemukan jawaban atas pertanyaan Anda di FAQ tentang Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V di bawah ini.

Berapa berat Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V?

Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V memiliki berat 55 g.

Apakah saya perlu mematikan jam tangan olahraga di malam hari?

Masuk akal bagi Anda untuk mematikan jam tangan olahraga di malam hari. Ini memastikan masa pakai baterai lebih lama.

Apakah saya perlu internet untuk GPS?

Tidak, tidak diperlukan internet untuk menerima GPS.

Apa kepanjangan dari GPS?

GPS adalah singkatan dari 'Global Positioning System' (Sistem Pemosisian Global).

Apa itu GPS?

GPS adalah sistem yang dapat digunakan di seluruh dunia untuk menentukan lokasi Anda melalui satelit.

Seberapa banyak saya harus berolahraga sebagai orang dewasa per minggu?

Sebagai orang dewasa, dianjurkan untuk melakukan olahraga yang cukup intensif setidaknya selama 2,5 jam per minggu. Sebaiknya disebarkan selama beberapa hari.

Seberapa tinggi detak jantung orang dewasa saat istirahat?

Denyut jantung istirahat orang dewasa adalah antara 60 dan 100 denyut per menit.

Berapa detak jantung maksimum orang dewasa?

Sebagai aturan praktis untuk detak jantung maksimum Anda, Anda dapat menggunakan 220 dikurangi usia Anda.

Apa itu bluetooth?

Bluetooth adalah cara untuk bertukar data secara nirkabel antar perangkat elektronik melalui gelombang radio. Jarak antara dua perangkat yang bertukar data biasanya tidak boleh lebih dari sepuluh meter.

Apakah buku panduan untuk Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V tersedia dalam bahasa Bahasa Indonesia?

Sayangnya, kami tidak memiliki buku panduan untuk Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V dalam bahasa Bahasa Indonesia. Buku panduan ini tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris.

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