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  • Operation Guide 3166
    Getting Acquainted
    Thank you for purchasing this CASIO product. To ensure that it can provide you with
    the years of service for which it is designed, be sure to read this manual carefully and
    follow the instructions contained herein.
    Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. assumes no responsibility for any
    damage or loss suffered by you or any third party arising through the use of this
    product or its malfunction.
    Low Battery Warning
    If you use the light or alarms a number of times during
    a short period, a R (recover) indicator will flash on the
    display and the following operations become disabled as
    the battery level recovers.
    Pedometer functions
    Alarm and hourly time signal
    Normal operation should return after the battery level
    recovers, but if the R indicator appears frequently you
    should have the watch’s battery replaced.
    About This Manual
    Button operations are indicated using the letters shown
    in the illustration.
    Each section of this manual provides you with the
    information you need to perform operations in each
    General Guide
    to navigate between modes.
    Holding down
    for about three seconds in any mode will return to the Timekeeping Mode.
    in any mode will illuminate the display.
      
    Setting the Time and Date
    Use the following procedure to set the current time and
    date after having the watch’s battery replaced, etc. World
    Time Mode times will not be displayed correctly unless
    you configure your Home Time settings (the time in the
    city where you normally will use the watch) correctly.
    If you to use the watch in Japan, select TYO (Tokyo) as
    your Home Time.
    To set the time and date
    1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down
    for about two
    seconds until the seconds digits start to flash. This is
    the setting screen.
    2. Use
    to move the flashing to the time, date, or Home City setting as shown
    above, and then use
    (+) and
    (−) to change the flashing setting.
    Holding down
    will change the selected setting at high speed.
    Setting To do this: Do this:
    Seconds Reset to 00 Press
    Summer Time (DST)
    Toggle between standard time (OFF) and
    daylight saving time (ON)
    Home City
    Change the Home City setting (See the
    “City Code Table”.)
    (east) and
    Hour, Minute Change the hour or minute setting Use
    (+) and
    12/24-hour Timekeeping
    Toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour
    Year, Month, Day Change the year, month, or day setting Use
    (+) and
    3. After all of the settings are the way you want, press
    twice to exit the setting
    The watch also will exit the setting screen automatically if you do not perform any
    operation for about two or three minutes.
    When setting the hour, make sure you specify AM (no indicator) or PM (P) correctly,
    or that you specify the correct 24-hour time.
    Resetting the seconds to
    00 while the current count is in the range of 30 to 59
    causes the minutes to be increased by 1. In the range of 00 to 29, the seconds are
    reset to 00 without changing the minutes.
    Resetting the zero count to zero on an accurate time signal about once a month
    helps to ensure accurate timekeeping.
    You can set a date in the range of January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2099.
    The day of the week is set automatically in accordance with the date you set.
    The watch makes adjustments for leap years and month lengths automatically.
    Summer time, or Daylight Saving Time (DST) as is it is called in some countries,
    calls for setting clocks ahead one hour during the summer season. Note that the use
    of summer time depends on the country and even the local area.
    The Stopwatch Mode lets you measure elapsed time, and record lap/split times.
    A sensor built into the watch counts your steps while a stopwatch elapsed time
    operation is in progress. The watch uses this information to calculate the energy you
    consume, the distance you cover, and your average pace in accordance with personal
    information you pre-register.
    For each elapsed time operation, the watch creates a record in memory to record the
    date, lap/split times, distance covered, energy consumption, number of steps, and
    other information.
    Minimum Measuring Unit: 1/100 second
    Maximum Measuring Time: 99:59'59.99''
    Lap/Split Count: 999
    Elapsed Time Measurement
    Workout Time
    Distance Covered
    Energy Consumption
    Average Pace (*)
    Number of Steps
    Workout Data (Maximum Cumulative Values)
    Laps/splits: 150
    Cumulative Distance: 999.9 km/621.1 miles
    Cumulative Energy Consumption: 23900.5kcal / 99999.9kJ
    Average Pace: 220 (*)
    Cumulative Number of Steps: 999999
    Cumulative Exercise Time: 9999 hours, 59 minutes
    Best Lap
    * Average Pace
    The average pace value shows your average number of steps per minute while
    timing your run with the stopwatch.
    When you take a lap reading, this value shows your average pace during that lap.
    When you take a split reading, this value shows your average pace up to the current
    split, starting from the start of your timed run.
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spesifikasi produk

Brand Casio
Model SGW200-1V
Produk Jam Tangan Olahraga
EAN 79767419059
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Detail teknis
Tahan air
Pengukur waktu Hitung mundur
Tahan air hingga 100m
Modus jam 12j/24j
Akurasi +/-15detik/bulan
Fungsi jam dunia
Tipe angka jam tangan Ke✗p LCD
Fitur lainnya
Dimensi (PxLxT) 51.6 x 44.2 x 13.6mm
Warna produk Hitam
Berat dan dimensi
Berat 47g
Bahan tali/gelang Damar
Jenis baterai CR2025

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