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    Cleaning the fluff filter
    Clean the fluff filter after each drying operation.
    1. Open the door, remove fluff from door/door area.
    2. Pull out and fold open the fluff filter.
    3. Remove the fluff (by wiping the filter with your hand).
    If the fluff filter is very dirty or blocked, rinse with warm water and dry
    4. Close and reinsert the fluff filter.
    Switching off the dryer
    Turn the programme selector to Off.
    Do not leave laundry in the dryer.
    Removing the laundry
    The automatic anti-crease function causes the drum to move at specific intervals, the washing remains
    loose and fluffy for an hour (two hours if the additional Reduced Ironing function is also selected-
    depending on model).
    ... and adapt to individual requirements
    Never start the dryer if it is damaged!
    Inform your after-sales service.
    Inspecting the
    Sorting and loading laundry
    Remove all items from pockets.
    Check for cigarette lighters.
    The drum must be empty prior to loading.
    See programme overview on page 7.
    Your new dryer
    Congratulations - You have chosen a modern, high-quality Bosch
    domestic appliance.
    The vented dryer is distinguished by its economical energy
    Every dryer which leaves our factory is carefully checked to ensure
    that it functions correctly and is in perfect condition.
    Should you have any questions, our after-sales service will be pleased
    to help.
    Disposal in an environmentally-responsible manner
    Dispose of packaging in an environmentally-responsible manner.
    This appliance is labelled in accordance with the European
    2002/96/EG on waste electrical and electronic
    equipment - WEEE.
    The guideline provides an EU-wide framework for the return and
    recycling of old appliances.
    For further information about our products, accessories, spare parts
    and services, please visit: www.bosch-home.com
    Intended use
    Preparing for
    installation, see Page 8
    Selecting and adjusting the programme
    Control panel
    ʋ for domestic use only,
    ʋ only to be used for drying fabrics that have been
    washed with water.
    Do not leave children
    unsupervised near the dryer.
    Keep pets away from the dryer.
    The dryer can be operated by children 8 years old
    and older, by persons with reduced physical,
    sensory or mental abilities and by persons with
    insufficient experience or knowledge if they are
    supervised or have been instructed in its use by
    a responsible adult.
    Select the drying programme ...
    Press the Ĕ Start/Stop button
    Make sure your hands are dry.
    Hold the plug only.
    Connecting the
    mains plug
    Information on laundry ...
    Labelling of fabrics
    Follow the manufacturer's care information.
    ( Drying at normal temperature.
    'cDrying at low temperature a also select V
    Reduce Heat.
    )cDo not machine dry.
    Observe safety instructions without fail a Page 11!
    Do not tumble-dry the following fabrics for example:
    Impermeable fabrics (e.g. rubber-coated fabrics).
    Delicate materials (silk or curtains made from synthetic material) a they may crease.
    Dripping wet washing high a energy consumption!
    Laundry contaminated with oil.
    Drying tips
    To ensure a consistent result, sort the laundry by fabric type and drying programme.
    Always dry very small items (e.g. baby socks) together with large items of laundry (e.g. hand
    Close zips, hooks and eyelets, and button up covers.
    Tie fabric belts, apron strings, etc. together
    Do not over-dry easy-care laundry a risk of creasing!
    Allow laundry to finish drying in the air.
    Do not dry woolens in the dryer, only use to freshen them up a Page 7, Woollens finish
    Programme (depending on model).
    Do not iron laundry immediately after drying, fold items up and leave for a while a the
    remaining moisture will then be distributed evenly.
    The drying result depends on the type of water used during washing. a Fine adjustment
    of the drying result a Page 6.
    Machine-knitted fabrics (e.g. T-shirts or jerseys) often shrink the first time they are dried a
    do not use the +: Extra Dry programme.
    Starched laundry is not always suitable for dryers a starch leaves behind a coating that
    adversely affects the drying operation.
    Use the correct dosage of fabric softener as per the manufacturer's instructions when
    washing the laundry to be dried.
    Use the timer programme for small loads a this improves the drying result.
    Environmental protection / Energy-saving tips
    Before drying, spin the laundry thoroughly in the washing machine a the higher the spin
    speed the shorter the drying time will be (consumes less energy), also spin easy-care
    Put in, but do not exceed, the maximum recommended quantity of laundry a
    programme overview a Page 7.
    Make sure the room is well ventilated during drying.
    Clean the fluff filter after every drying cycle a Page 4.
    Do not obstruct or seal up the air inlet.
    All buttons are sensitive and only
    need to be touched lightly.
    Only operate the dryer with
    the fluff filter inserted!
    Air inlet
    Fluff filter
    Programme end as soon as the light comes on
    Interrupt programme removing or adding laundry.
    The drying cycle can be interrupted for a brief period so that laundry may be added or removed.
    The programme selected must then be resumed and completed.
    Never switch the dryer off before the drying process has ended.
    Drum and door may be hot!
    1. Open door, the drying process is interrupted.
    2. Load or remove laundry and close door.
    3. If required, select a new programme and additional functions.
    4. Press the Ĕ(Start/Stop) button.
    Contents Page
    ʋ Preparation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
    ʋ Setting the programmes . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
    ʋ Drying . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3/4
    ʋ Information on laundry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
    ʋ Fine adjustment of the drying result. . . . . 6
    ʋ Care and cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
    ʋ Programme overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
    ʋ Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
    ʋ Frost protection / Transport . . . . . . . . . . . 8
    ʋ Technical data . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
    ʋ Optional accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
    ʋ What to do if... / After-sales service . . . . 10
    ʋ Safety instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
    Programme selector
    Display panel
    Service displays
    Hose ./đ
    Close door.
    Clean the fluff filter under running water. Check exhaust air line. a Page 6.
    Read these instructions before operating the dryer.
    Also observe the separate installation instructions
    for the exhaust air duct!
    Observe the safety instructions on page 11.
    ˎ V
    Reduce Heat
    Reduced temperature for delicate fabrics ' that require a longer drying time;
    e.g. for polyacrylics, polyamide, elastane or acetate.
    Fine adjustment
    of the drying
    The drying result (e.g. Cupboard Dry) can be adjusted over three levels (1 - max. 3)
    for the L
    Cottons and I Synthetics programmes apresetting = 0.
    After one of these programmes has been finely adjusted, the setting is retained for the others.
    Further information aPage 6.
    0, 1, 2, 3
    Care and cleaning
    Dryer housing, Control panel, Air inlet, Moisture sensors
    Wipe off with a soft, damp cloth.
    Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents.
    Remove detergent and cleaning agent residue immediately.
    Exhaust air duct
    Check the exhaust air duct. Clean the exhaust air duct every six months.
    Do not bend the exhaust air duct.
    1. Switch off the dryer and allow it to cool down.
    2. Disconnect the mains plug.
    3. Remove the exhaust air duct.
    4. Clean the exhaust air duct.
    5. Refit the exhaust air duct a Installation instructions for exhaust air duct.
    Moisture sensors
    The dryer is equipped with stainless steel moisture sensors.
    Moisture sensors measure the moisture level of the laundry.
    After sustained, repeated operation, a fine layer of limescale may form
    on the moisture sensors.
    1. Open the door.
    2. Clean the moisture sensors using a slightly damp sponge with a rough
    Do not use steel wool or abrasive materials.
    Only when switched off!
    Fine adjustment of the drying result
    Adjustment of the levels of dryness
    1 x to
    the right
    Press and hold V Reduce Heat
    and turn 5 x to the right
    Press V Reduce Heat until
    the required level is reached
    Turn to Off
    Turn to Off
    Drying H, Iron Dry , Cupboard Dry ·,
    Anti-crease/End !/ are displayed in sequence.
    Short signal when changing from level 3 to 0,
    otherwise long signal.
WTV74100FF Bosch

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Bosch
Model WTV74100FF
Produk Mesin Cuci
EAN 4242002413914
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Kelas efisiensi energi C
Konsumsi energi per siklus mencuci -kWj
Konsumsi listrik pencucian tahunan 249kWj
Konsumsi daya (rata-rata) 2800W
Arus 16A
Konsumsi air per siklus -
Bersertifikat Energy Star -
Layar terpasang
Jenis pemuatan Muatan depan
Tipe Bebas berdiri
Volume drum 112
Tipe kontrol Buttons, Rotary
Warna produk Putih
Kelas pencucian -
Jumlah program pencucian -
Kapasitas drum 7kg
Kecepatan putaran maksimal -RPM
Kelas pengering di mesin cuci -
Tingkat kebisingan (cuci) 65dB
Pewaktu mulai tunda
- delicate/silk
Berat dan dimensi
Berat 35000g
Panjang 598mm
Lebar 625mm
Tinggi 842mm
Program mencuci
Program mencuci alergi
Program mencuci warna hitam


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