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    Safety instructions
    The washing machine is heavy - take care when lifting.
    Caution: frozen hoses can crack/burst. Do not install the washing machine outdoors or in
    areas exposed to frost.
    The washing machine could be damaged. Do not lift the appliance by protruding
    components (e.g. the washing machine door).
    In addition to the instructions provided in this document, special regulations from the
    relevant water and electric utility companies may apply.
    If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance.
    The worktop must have no openings in the area around the washing machine.
    Route hoses and cables in such a way that there is no risk of tripping.
    Environmentally-friendly disposal
    Dispose of packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.
    This appliance is labelled in accordance with European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste
    Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE.
    The directive provides an EU-wide framework for the return and recycling of used
    Installation surface
    The machine must be stable so that it does not move around.
    The surface on which it is installed must be firm and level.
    Soft floors/floor coverings are not suitable.
    Installation using slider sheets
    Slide sheets make it easier to slide the
    washing machine into the installation recess.
    Order using spare part no. 66 1827
    Before sliding in the machine, dampen the slide sheets with a
    mixture of water and detergent. Do not use any fat and/or oil.
    Installation under a high-level worktop -> Appliance dimensions, Page 3
    Adjustment strips: order no. WZ 20470, WMZ 20470, Z 7090X0
    Height adjustment kit: order no. WZ 20440, WMZ 20440, Z 7060X0
    Installation on a pedestal
    The front feet of the washing machine must be secured with holding brackets.
    Order no. WMZ 2200, WX 975600, CZ 110600, Z 7080X0
    Installation on a wood joist floor
    If possible, place the washing machine in a corner.
    Screw a water-resistant wooden plate (min. 30 mm thick) to the floor.
    In doing so, take into account the height of the kitchen worktop.
    The feet of the washing machine must be secured with holding brackets.
    * Order no. WMZ 2200, WX 975600, CZ 110600, Z 7080X0
    Scope of delivery depending on model
    Parts for assembly -> Page 8 - 13
    (depending on model)
    Mains cable
    Water inlet
    Water outlet
    for securing the
    water outlet hose
    AquaäStop AquaäSecure Standard
    Hose clamp
    for securing the water drain
    hose -> Page 5
    Moisture inside the drum
    is due to final testing.
    Appliance dimensions depending on model
    Hose and cable lengths depending on model
    Left-hand connection
    Right-hand connection
    Note: Using hose clips limits the possible hose lengths.
    Available from specialist retailers/the after-sales service:
    Extension for AquaäStop and cold water inlet hose (approx. 2.50 m).
    Order no. WMZ2380, WZ10130, CZ11350, Z7070X0
    Useful tools
    Spirit level for levelling
    59.8 cm
    54.4 cm
    82 cm
    5.5 cm
    15 cm
    1.5 cm
    81.8 cm
    approx. 75 kg
    87 cm
    5 cm
    87 cm
    87 cm
    max. 100 cm
    90 cm
    130 cm
    140 cm
    140 cm
    130 cm
    100 cm
    min. * cm
    * Standard and AquaäSecure models min. 60 cm - max. 100 cm
    Aqua-Stop model 0 -max. 100 cm
    Removing the transport safety devices
    Before using the appliance for the first time, the 4 transport safety
    devices must be completely removed and kept safe.
    If you need to transport the appliance at a later date, always refit the
    transport safety devices to prevent damage to the machine.
    > Page 6.
    Keep the screws and sleeves in a safe place.
    1. Take the hoses (depending on model) out of the holders and the elbow.
    Remove the elbow.
    2. Unscrew and remove the bolts from all 4 transport safety devices.
    3. Take the mains cable out of the holder. Remove the sleeves.
    4. Insert the covers.
    Water connection depending on model
    Risk of electric shock. Do not immerse the Aqua-Stop safety device in water
    (contains an electric valve).
    To prevent leaks or water damage, observe the instructions in this section.
    Caution: only operate the washing machine using cold drinking water.
    Do not connect to the mixer tap of an unpressurised hot-water boiler.
    Do not use a used inlet hose. Only use the inlet hose supplied or one which was
    purchased from an authorised specialist retailer.
    If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance.
    Water inlet
    Water inlet hose:
    Caution: do not kink, squash, modify or cut through
    (otherwise its strength is no longer guaranteed).
    Optimum water pressure in the supply network: 100-1000 kPa (1-10 bar)
    Water flows at a rate of at least 8 l/min when the tap is turned on.
    If the water pressure is higher than this, a pressure reducing valve must be installed.
    Model: AquaäStop
    1. Connect the water inlet hose to the tap.
    Only tighten the screw connections by hand.
    2. Open the water tap carefully, checking the leak
    tightness of the connection points.
    Caution: the screw connection is under mains water
    Water outlet
    Water outlet hose:
    Caution: do not kink or pull lengthways.
    Height difference between the installation surface and the drain:
    for AquaäSecure and Standard models: min. 60 cm - max. 100 cm
    for AquaäStop model: 0 - max. 100 cm
    Drainage into a siphon:
    Caution: the connection point must be secured with the hose clamp
    provided, Ø 24-40 mm.
    Intense noise, vibrations and wandering may be the result of incorrect levelling.
    All four appliance feet must be firmly on the ground.
    The washing machine must not wobble.
    Check the levelness of the washing machine with a spirit level and adjust if necessary.
    The washing machine must not rest against the side panels of the installation recess.
    The lock nuts of the front appliance feet must be screwed tightly against the housing.
    10 mm
    10 mm
    Electrical connection
    The washing machine must only be connected to an alternating current via a properly
    installed earthed socket.
    The mains voltage must correspond to the voltage specifications on the washing machine.
    -> Page 7; Technical data.
    Connected load and required fuse -> Page 7; Technical data.
    Make sure that:
    the mains plug fits the socket,
    the cable cross-section is adequate,
    the earthing system is properly installed.
    The mains cable may only be replaced by a qualified electrician (if required).
    Replacement mains cables are available from customer services.
    Do not use multiple plugs/couplings and/or extension leads.
    If a residual current circuit breaker is used, only use a type which displays this symbol: .
    Only this symbol guarantees compliance with the currently applicable regulations.
    Mains plug:
    do not plug in to/pull out of the socket with damp hands.
    when removing the plug from the socket, pull the plug body only, not the cable.
    never pull the plug out during operation.
    Transportation, e.g. when moving house
    Before transporting the washing machine:
    1. Turn off the tap.
    2. Reduce the water pressure in the inlet hose a Instruction manual; filter in water inlet.
    3. Drain residual water
    > Instruction manual; drain pump.
    4. Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply.
    5. Disconnect the hoses.
    Install the transport safety devices:
    1. Remove the covers.
    2. Insert all 4 sleeves.
    Clamp the mains cable to the holders.
    Insert and tighten the screws.
    After transportation, the transport safety devices must be removed.
    > Page 4.
    To prevent unused detergent from flowing straight into the drain during the next wash:
    Pour 1 litre of water into compartment II and start the Empty programme.
    Technical data
    Manufacturer (see instruction manual)
    Weight 75 - 84 kg depending on model
    Mains connection Nominal voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
    Nominal current 10 A
    Nominal power 2,300 W
    Water pressure 100-1000 kPa (1-10 bar)
    Test programme in accordance with the currently valid European
    Standard 60456
    After-sales service
    If you cannot rectify a fault yourself aInstruction manual: What do to if ..., Page 12/13,
    please contact our after-sales service. We can always find a suitable remedy, so that a
    technician is not called out unnecessarily.
    The contact details for your nearest after-sales service can be found here or in the After-sales
    service directory (depending on the model).
    Please give the after-sales service the product number (E no.) and the production number
    (FD) of the appliance.
    Product number Production number
    This information can be found:
    on the inside* of the washing
    machine door and on the back
    panel of the appliance
    You can rely on the competence of the manufacturer. Please contact us.
    This way, you can ensure the repair is carried out by trained service technicians who are
    equipped with genuine spare parts.
    Aqua-Stop warranty only for appliances with Aqua-Stop
    In addition to warranty claims against the vendor from the purchase agreement
    and in addition to our appliance warranty, we will pay damages under the following
    1. If a fault in our Aqua-Stop system causes water damage, we will reimburse
    damages caused to private customers.
    2. The liability warranty is valid for the service life of the appliance.
    3. A warranty claim is only valid on condition that the appliance fitted with AquaäStop
    has been correctly installed and connected according to our instructions. This
    condition includes the correct fitting of an AquaäStop extension (genuine
    Our warranty goes not cover defective power cables or fittings between the
    Aqua-Stop connection and the tap.
    4. Appliances with Aqua-Stop do not need to be supervised during operation, nor
    secured afterwards by turning off the tap.
    The tap only needs to be turned off if you are away from home for a long period,
    e.g. for several weeks' holiday.
WIS24141GB Bosch

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Bosch
Model WIS24141GB
Produk Mesin Cuci
EAN 4242002805726
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Tipe Internal
Warna produk Putih
Jenis pemuatan Muatan depan
Layar terpasang
Panjang kabel 2.25m
Engsel pintu Left
Sudut bukaan pintu 130°
Bahan drum Baja Antikarat
Volume drum 55
Warna pintu Putih
Bahan bak Plastik
Tipe kontrol Buttons, Rotary
Teknologi direct drive -
Siap panel kustom
Dilengkapi panel pintu
Sistem penyeimbang muatan
Kapasitas drum 7kg
Kecepatan putaran maksimal 1200RPM
Kelas pencucian A
Kelas pengering di mesin cuci C
Jumlah program pencucian -
Tingkat kebisingan (cuci) 46dB
Waktu siklus (maks) 165men
Fungsi AquaStop
Sistem kontrol busa
Pewaktu mulai tunda
Tingkat kebisingan (putaran) 63dB
Embun sisa 59
Kecepatan putaran dapat disesuaikan
- Delicate/silk, Hand/wool, Mix, Pre-wash
Program mencuci
Setengah-beban -
Program mencuci alergi
Program mencuci warna hitam
Program pencucian sutra/halus
Program pencucian tangan/wol
Program pencucian campuran
Program pra-cuci
Kaki dapat disesuaikan
Penyesuaian kaki 12mm
Indikator tahap program LED
Kelas efisiensi energi A+
Konsumsi energi per siklus mencuci 0.95kWj
Konsumsi air per siklus -
Bersertifikat Energy Star -
Arus 10A
Konsumsi listrik pencucian tahunan 220kWj
Konsumsi air pencucian tahunan 11000
Tegangan masukan AC 220-240V
Frekuensi masukan AC 50Hz
Konsumsi daya (mati) 0.13W
Beban terhubung 2300W
Berat dan dimensi
Panjang 600mm
Lebar 570mm
Tinggi 818mm
Berat 76000g
Diamater pintu 300mm
Panjang kompartemen pemasangan 598mm
Lebar kompartemen pemasangan 574mm
Tinggi kompartemen pemasangan 818mm
Lebar dengan pintu terbuka 956mm


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