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    Safety instructions
    The washing machine is heavy - take care when lifting.
    Caution: frozen hoses may rip/burst. Do not install the washing machine in areas exposed
    to frost or outdoors.
    The washing machine could be damaged. Do not lift the appliance by protruding
    components (e.g. the washing machine door).
    In addition to the instructions provided in this document, special regulations from the
    relevant water and electric utility companies may apply.
    If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance.
    Lay hoses and cables in such a way that there is no risk of tripping.
    Installation surface
    The machine must be stable so that it does not move around.
    The installation surface must be firm and level.
    Soft floors/floor coverings are not suitable.
    Installation on a pedestal
    The feet of the washing machine must be secured with holding brackets*.
    * order no. WMZ2200, WX9756, CZ110600, Z7080X0
    Installation on a wood joist floor
    If possible, place the washing machine in a corner.
    Screw a water-resistant wooden board (min. 30 mm thick) to the floor.
    The feet of the washing machine must be secured with holding brackets*.
    * order no. see above
    Installing the appliance
    Install the appliance before connecting it to the power supply.
    Installation in a kitchenette (underneath the worktop or fitted in a cabinet)
    Recess width of 60 cm required.
    Only install the washing machine underneath a continuous worktop that is securely
    connected to adjacent cabinets.
    Installation underneath the worktop
    Risk of electric shock.
    Instead of the appliance covering plate, you must have a metal cover * fitted by an expert.
    * order no. WMZ2420, WZ10190
    Recess width of 60 cm required.
    Scope of delivery depending on model
    Also required, depending on the connection:
    1 hose clamp Ø 24-40 mm (exclusive dealers) to connect to a siphon
    a page 4; water connection.
    Useful tools
    Spirit level for installation.
    Hose and cable lengths depending on model
    Left-hand connection
    Right-hand connection
    Available from specialist dealers/the after-sales service:
    Extension for Aqua-Stop or cold-water inlet hose (approx. 2.50 m).
    order no. WMZ2380, WZ10130, CZ11350, Z7070X0
    Longer inlet hose (approx. 2.20 m) for standard model.
    Mains cable
    Water outlet
    Water inlet
    for fixing the drainage
    hose in place
    (depending on model)
    145 cm
    100 cm
    90 cm
    140 cm
    145 cm
    min. 60 cm
    90 cm
    max. 100 cm
    Moisture inside the drum is
    due to final testing.
    Removing the transport braces
    Before using the appliance for the first time, make sure that you
    completely remove transport braces and keep them for subsequent
    If you need to transport the appliance at a later date, always re-affix the
    transport braces to prevent damage to the machine a page 6.
    Store the screw and sleeve screwed together.
    1. Take the hoses and elbow out of the holders, depending on model.
    2. Loosen the bolts ....
    ... until they move freely in the sleeves.
    3. Completely remove all 4 transportation protection devices (each bolt
    together with sleeve) and take the main cable out of the holder.
    Always displace bolt and sleeve together as shown in the illustration.
    All bolts and sleeves must be removed.
    4. Insert covers.
    Water connection depending on model
    Risk of electric shock. Do not immerse the Aqua-Stop safety device in water
    (contains an electric valve).
    To prevent leaks or water damage, observe the instructions in this
    Caution: only operate the washing machine using cold drinking water.
    Do not connect to the mixer tap of an unpressurised hot-water boiler.
    Do not use a used inlet hose. Only use the inlet hose supplied or one which was
    purchased from an authorised specialist dealer.
    If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance.
    Water inlet
    Water inlet hose:
    Caution: do not bend, squash, modify or cut through
    (otherwise its strength is no longer guaranteed).
    Optimum water pressure in the supply network: 100ä1,000 kPa (1ä10 bar)
    When the tap is on, the water flow is at least 8 l/min.
    If the water pressure is higher than this, a pressure reducing valve must be installed.
    Model: AquaäStop
    1. Connect the water inlet hose to the tap.
    Caution: only tighten the screw connections by
    2. Open the water tap carefully, checking the leak
    tightness of the connection points.
    Caution: the screw connection is under mains water
    Water outlet
    Water outlet hose:
    Caution: do not bend or pull lengthways.
    Height difference between the installation surface and the drain:
    min. 60 cm - max. 100 cm
    Outlet in a sink
    Caution: secure the drain hose from slipping out.
    Caution: the plug must not block drainage from the sink. During
    pumping, check whether the water is draining away quickly enough.
    The end of the drain hose must not be immersed in the water pumped
    out. This risks water being sucked back into the washing machine.
    Drainage into a siphon:
    Caution: the connection point must be secured with a hose clamp,
    Ø 24-40 mm (exclusive dealers).
    10 mm
    10 mm
WAE2026WEP Bosch

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spesifikasi produk

Brand Bosch
Model WAE2026WEP
Produk Mesin Cuci
EAN 4242002649337
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Kelas efisiensi energi A++
Konsumsi air per siklus 52
Konsumsi energi per siklus mencuci 0.95kWj
Konsumsi air pencucian tahunan 10560
Konsumsi listrik pencucian tahunan 197kWj
Arus 10A
Tegangan masukan AC 220-240V
Frekuensi masukan AC 50Hz
Konsumsi daya (mati) 0.1W
Beban terhubung 2300W
Bersertifikat Energy Star -
Layar terpasang
Jenis tampilan LED
Jenis pemuatan Muatan depan
Tipe Bebas berdiri
Panjang kabel 1.6m
Engsel pintu Left
Volume drum 55
Teknologi direct drive (inverter) -
Sertifikasi CE, VDE
Bahan drum Baja Antikarat
Tipe kontrol Buttons, Rotary
Warna produk Putih
Warna pintu Putih
Kelas pencucian A
Jumlah program pencucian -
Kapasitas drum 7kg
Kecepatan putaran maksimal 1000RPM
Kelas pengering di mesin cuci C
Waktu siklus (maks) 192men
Tingkat kebisingan (cuci) 58dB
Pewaktu mulai tunda
Sistem kontrol busa
Sistem penyeimbang muatan
Waktu mulai terlambat (maks) 24j
Embun sisa 66
Tingkat kebisingan (putaran) 74dB
Kecepatan putaran dapat disesuaikan
Kunci anak
Kaki dapat disesuaikan
Penyesuaian kaki 18mm
Indikator sisa waktu
- Cotton, Delicate/silk, Eco, Hand/wool, Mix, Pre-wash, Quick
Program mencuci
Berat dan dimensi
Panjang 600mm
Lebar 590mm
Tinggi 847mm
Berat 77000g
Lebar dengan pintu terbuka 990mm
Data pemaketan
Panjang kemasan 690mm
Lebar kemasan 640mm
Tinggi kemasan 880mm
Berat kemasan 78000g


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