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  • BTV504
    This Pack Contains 1 Mount
    Bennett House, Long March, Daventry, Northants., NN11 4NR, UK
    Ruby Industrial Complex,
    Singapore 347740
    203 Eggert Road,
    Buffalo, NY 14215, USA
    Unit 1109 Prosperity Millennia Plaza,
    Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
    Dyrotzer Weg 26A, 14612 Falkensee,
    Berlin, Germany
    Brixtonlaan 32, Zaventem 1930,
    Brussels, Belgium
    ©2011 B-Tech International Ltd. All rights reserved. B-Tech Audio Video Mounts is a division of B-Tech International Ltd. B-Tech, Better By Design & Ventry are registered trademarks of B-Tech International Ltd.
    All other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only. E&OE.
    This wall mount is intended
    for use only with the maximum weights
    indicated. Use with flat screens heavier than the maximum
    indicated may result in instability causing possible injury.
    Do not attempt to install this product until all instructions and warnings have been read and properly understood. Please keep
    these instructions for future reference.
    B-Tech International Limited, its distributors and dealers are not liable or responsible for damage or injury caused by improper
    installation, improper use or failure to observe these safety instructions. In such cases, all guarantees will expire.
    B-Tech International Ltd recommends that a professional AV installer or other suitably qualified person install this product.
    Great care must always be taken during installation as most AV equipment is of a fragile nature, possibly heavy and easily
    damaged if dropped. If you do not fully understand the instructions or are not sure how to install this product safely, then
    please consult a professional for advice and/or to install this product for you.
    Failure to mount this product correctly may cause serious injury or death both during installation and at any time thereafter. Do
    not mount any AV equipment that exceeds the specific weight limit of the product you are installing.
    This weight limit will be clearly stated on each product and its packaging and will vary from product to product.
    Product location
    Please pay careful attention to where this product is located. Some walls are not suitable for installation.
    If located in a public or frequently populated area ensure that the product is out of the immediate reach of people. If any AV
    equipment is to be suspended over the likely path or location of people then great care should be taken to secure all parts of
    the installation from falling. If you install this product on drywall it must be securely fixed to a wooden stud, concrete block or
    other permanent structure behind the drywall board. Installing on drywall boards alone will not support the weight of most AV
    equipment. When drilling holes in walls it is essential to avoid contact with electrical cables and water or gas pipes contained
    within. Use of a good quality live wire detector and hidden object locator is therefore recommended. Only drill into structures
    when you are sure it is safe to do so.
    Fixing hardware
    It is highly recommended that all wall fixing screws be used where supplied and that the purpose of all other fixing hardware is
    fully understood. In some cases more AV equipment fixing hardware will be supplied to accommodate different models of
    equipment and set up configurations. The installer must be satisfied that any supplied fixing hardware is suitable for each
    specific installation. If any fixing screws or included hardware are deemed not sufficient for a safe installation then please
    consult a professional or your local hardware store.
    Hazard limitation
    When routing cables take advantage of any built in cable management features that the product might provide and ensure that
    all cables are tidy and secure. Check to see that any moving aspect of the product can do so unhindered by any cabling.
    Some products have moving parts and the potential to cause injury through the crushing or trapping of fingers or other body
    Particular attention to the nature of moving parts is required especially when assembling installing and adjusting during set up.
    Immediately after installations double-check that the work done is safe and secure. Double-check all necessary fixings are
    present and are of ample tightness.
    It is recommended that periodic inspections of the product and its fixing points are made as frequently as possible to ensure
    that safety is maintained. If in doubt consult a professional AV installer or other suitably qualified person.
    Společnost B-Tech International Ltd. doporučuje provést instalaci tohoto produktu prostřednictvím odborného instalátora AV či
    inak způsobilé osoby. Společnost B-Tech International Ltd, její distributoři a prodejci nenesou odpovědnost za škody nebo
    zranění způsobená nevhodnou instalací. Tento výrobek je nutno umístit do vhodné konstrukce a používat jen po uvedenou
    maximální výšku.
    B-Tech International Ltd. empfiehlt, dass dieses Produkt durch einen qualifizierten AV-Techniker oder eine andere Person mit
    geeigneter Qualifikation installiert wird. B-Tech International Ltd, ihre Distributoren und Händler können nicht für durch
    fehlerhafte Montage verursachte Beschädigung oder Verletzung haftbar bzw. verantwortlich gemacht werden. Dieses Produkt
    muss auf eine geeignetem Untergrund montiert werden und darf nur bis zum angegebenen Höchstgewicht verwendet werden.
    B-Tech International Ltd. recomienda que un instalador de audio y video profesional u otra persona debidamente cualificada
    instalen este producto. B-Tech International Ltd, sus distribuidores y concesionarios no se hacen cargo ni se responsabilizan
    de ningún daño o lesión provocados por una instalación inapropiada. Este producto se debe montar en una estructura
    adecuada y se debe utilizar soportando solamente hasta el peso máximo indicado.
    B-Tech International Ltd. recommande de confier l’installation de ce produit à un installateur AV professionnel ou à une autre
    personne dûment qualifiée. B-Tech International Ltd, ses distributeurs et ses revendeurs ne sauraient être tenus responsables
    de tout dégât ou de toute blessure résultant d’une installation incorrecte. Ce produit doit être monté sur un support approprié
    et utilisé dans la limite du poids maximum indiqué.
    B-Tech International Ltd. consiglia di affidare l’installazione di questo prodotto a un installatore specializzato o ad altra
    persona adeguatamente qualificata. B-Tech International Ltd, i suoi distributori e rivenditori non accettano alcuna
    responsabilità nei riguardi di eventuali danni o infortuni causati da un’errata installazione. Questo prodotto deve essere fissato
    a una struttura idonea e utilizzato unicamente sino al peso massimo indicato.
    B-Tech International Ltd. adviseert om dit product te laten installeren door een professionele AV-installateur of andere
    hiervoor gekwalificeerde persoon. B-Tech International Ltd, haar distributeurs en dealers zijn niet aansprakelijk of
    verantwoordelijk voor schade of letsel die is veroorzaakt door onoordeelkundige installatie. Dit product moet worden
    gemonteerd aan een geschikte constructie, waarbij het aangegeven maximum gewicht niet mag worden overschreden.
    Firma B-Tech International Ltd. zaleca, aby ten produkt był instalowany przez profesjonalnych instalatorów AV lub inny
    odpowiednio przeszkolony personel. Firma B-Tech International Ltd, jej dystrybutorzy i dealerzy nie ponoszą
    odpowiedzialności za uszkodzenia lub obrażenia ciała powstałe w wyniku nieprawidłowej instalacji. Niniejszy produkt musi być
    zamontowany na odpowiedniej powierzchni, a podczas użytkowania nie wolno przekraczać podanego maksymalnego
    A B-Tech International Ltd. recomenda que a instalação deste produto seja efectuada por um instalador de AV profissional ou
    outra pessoa devidamente habilitada. A B-Tech International Ltd. e os seus distribuidores e concessionários não são
    responsáveis por danos ou lesões causados por uma instalação incorrecta. Este produto tem de ser montado numa estrutura
    adequada e utilizado somente até ao peso máximo indicado.
    Компания B-Tech International Ltd. рекомендует, чтобы установка данного изделия производилась инженером по
    установке аудио-видеотехники или другим специалистом с соответствующей квалификацией. Компания B-Tech
    International Ltd., ее дистрибьюторы и дилеры не несут ответственности за повреждения или травмы, полученные в
    результате неправильной установки. Данное изделие должно крепиться к соответствующей конструкции и
    использоваться для поддержания оборудования, вес которого не превышает указанный максимальный вес.
    IP-BTV504-V1-VT1BX-021211-32 MADE IN CHINA
    Stud finder
    8mm (5/16") masonry bit
    or 3mm (1/8") wood bit
    Wall mount designed for screens up to 42” (107cm) / 25kg (55lbs)
    Features 180º swivel and ±15º tilt
    360º rotation for easy screen levelling
    Double articulated arm for optimum screen positioning,
    extends up to 385mm from wall
    Quick and simple installation
    Integrated spirit level and cable management
    All necessary fixings and mounting hardware included
    Mounts VESA® patterns: 200mm x 200mm, 200mm x 100mm,
    100mm x 100mm and 75mm x 75mm
BTV504 B-Tech

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spesifikasi produk

Brand B-Tech
Model BTV504
Produk Penyangga panel datar
EAN 5019318440625
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Berat maksimal (kapasitas) 25kg
Kompatibilitas ukuran layar maksimal 42
Kemampuan antarmuka pemasangan (min) -mm
Kemampuan antarmuka pemasangan (maks) 200 x 200mm
Sejumlah tampilan didukung 1
Jenis dudukan Dinding
Sudut kemiringan -15 - 15°
Sudut putaran 180°
Sudut rotasi 360°
Jarak ke dinding (maks) 385mm
Jarak ke dinding (min) 79mm
Warna produk Hitam
Manajemen kabel
- TV / Computer monitor
Data logistik
Berat karton master 9880g
Kuantitas per karton master 4buah
Volume karton master 0.029cm³
Berat dan dimensi
Panjang 220mm
Tinggi 318.8mm
Lebar (min) 79mm
Lebar (maks) 385.4mm

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