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    Asia Pacific
    B-Tech International (Hong Kong) Ltd.
    23rd Floor, Manulife Tower, North Point, HK
    Tel: (+852) 2556 7337 Fax: (+852) 2556 7321
    B-Tech PRO-AV bvba
    Brixtonlaan 32, Zaventem 1930,Brussels, Belgium
    Tel: +32 (0)2 720 92 71 Fax: +32 (0)2 725 42 15
    North America
    B-Tech Audio Video Mounts.
    10 Greg Street, #108, Sparks, NV 89431, USA
    Tel: (1)800 975 5812 Fax: (1)800 592 2876
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    B-Tech International Ltd.
    Bennett House, Long March, Daventry, Northants NN11 4NR, UK
    Tel: +44 (0)1327 300 787 Fax: +44 (0)1327 706 562
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    This pack contains:
    1 heavy duty collar with covers
    Caution: Do not exceed the maximum weight limit indicated for this product.
    Failure to comply may cause instability and possible serious injury.
    Made in China
    This collar is intended for use only with the maximum
    weights indicated. Use with heavier than the maximum
    indicated may result in instability causing possible injury.
    Heavy duty accessory collar for use with 60mm poles
    Provides attachment for B-Tech modulus system mounts
    Double attachment
    Aesthetic cover plates included to hide fasteners
    O 61
    Important Safety Instructions.
    Read first
    Do not attempt to install this product until all instructions and warnings have been read and
    properly understood. Please keep these instructions for future reference.
    B-Tech International Limited, its distributors and dealers are not liable or responsible for
    damage or injury caused by improper installation, improper use or failure to observe these
    safety instructions. In such cases, all guarantees will expire.
    B-Tech International Ltd recommends that a professional AV installer or other suitably qualified
    person install this product. Great care must always be taken during installation as most AV
    equipment is of a fragile nature, possibly heavy and easily damaged if dropped.
    If you do not fully understand the instructions or are not sure how to install this product safely,
    then please consult a professional for advice and/or to install this product for you. Failure to
    mount this product correctly may cause serious injury or death both during installation and at
    any time thereafter.
    Do not mount any AV equipment that exceeds the specific weight limit of the product you are
    installing. This weight limit will be clearly stated on each product and its packaging and will
    vary from product to product.
    Product location
    Please pay careful attention to where this product is located.
    If located in a public or frequently populated area ensure that the product is out of the
    immediate reach of people. If any AV equipment is to be suspended over the likely path or
    location of people then great care should be taken to secure all parts of the installation from
    Fixing hardware
    It is highly recommended that all fixing screws be used where supplied and that the purpose of
    all other fixing hardware is fully understood.
    The installer must be satisfied that any supplied fixing hardware is suitable for each specific
    installation. If any fixing screws or included hardware are deemed not sufficient for a safe
    installation then please consult a professional or your local hardware store.
    Hazard limitation
    Some products have moving parts and the potential to cause injury through the crushing or
    trapping of fingers or other body parts.
    Particular attention to the nature of moving parts is required especially when assembling
    installing and adjusting during set up.
    Immediately after installations double-check that the work done is safe and secure. Double-
    check all necessary fixings are present and are of ample tightness.
    It is recommended that periodic inspections of the product and its fixing points are made as
    frequently as possible to ensure that safety is maintained. If in doubt consult a professional AV
    installer or other suitably qualified person.
BT7060 B-Tech

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Brand B-Tech
Model BT7060
Produk Penyangga panel datar
EAN 5019318070754
Bahasa Inggris
Jenis berkas PDF
Isi kemasan
Kuantitas per paket 1buah
Warna produk Hitam
Jenis produk Kerah

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