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Atomix Mp3 Manual

I. AtomixMP3 Main User Interface
1. Active Waveform Display

AtomixMP3 Visual Mix Display

- May the rhythm be with you... -
The Active Waveform Display - also famous as "the curves window" - is the core of all
information’s displayed by AtomixMP3. It represents the rhythms of the two songs.
Each peak of a curve represents a beat of one of the two songs.
Songs are not mixed : blue : current song, red : selected song, next song
The highlighted curved is the "selected curve" and corresponds to the songs whose deck is
selected. It corresponds also to the headphone output. This is the song that has to be
played after the current song: the "next song".
The aim of "classic" DJ mixing is to match the rhythm of two songs, to make a smooth
transition from the current song to the next song.. With the Active Waveform display,
AtomixMP3 introduces a brand new way of mixing: the Active Waveform. You don't need to
try to mix the song in your left ear with the one in your right ear anymore. Just superpose
the two curves and the songs are mixed.
Songs are mixed


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